Feeling Stupid

Feeling stupid is a universal feeling. I’ve felt it. I’ve battled with it. The feeling is terrible, paralyzing, and back stabbing. The voices tease your mind, insults your image, plants seeds of doubt, challenges your intelligence, rejects your body, questions your existance, and craves to see you in this endless cycle of  “try, try, and try again.”

We have to shut the mouths of these demons. Reject perfection, ignore your taste for good things, plan your finish, and execute your ideas damn it!

Josiah Is Strong

Go to my last post and read the last paragraph. I meant it. I’ve very fortunate and you’ll see why. Read and watch the video below.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to film a birthday party with a different tone compared to the one I just had this weekend for my son. Now, I don’t shoot events anymore like I used to. I decided to focus on videos that tell powerful stories – narrative and documentary stuff.  But when the people at Suit Up 4 Kids, a creative non profit organization dedicated to bringing relief to kids with cancer, introduced to me what Josiah was going through and how they were doing something special for his birthday. I had to be part of it.

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