Make It Happen


I love this little catch phrase. I’ve used it plenty of times in my writings. It’s my personal spark. And I want it to stick.  What does this mean to me?  Don’t stay put. Shake off from being stagnant.  Accept your limitations, own it, and still make stuff. Make as much noise as you can. Be noticed. Learn to hustle. Get better. Accept that you suck, and that others think you suck.  Making it happen makes you stand out from the rest. I’ve said it tons of times. And I’ll say it again.  We need to stop being spectators. In others, we need to stop letting things happen to us.  You know where I’m getting at.

The Calling To Motivate

Ever since I learned about blogging, I’ve always had the urge to use it as a tool to motivate and inspire. This blog in particular has taken many forms. It has gone from being completely abandon, to writing about faith, the craft of filmmaking, music, marketing, and more. It always lacked brand consistency. If you’ve kept up with my writing, you’ll agree that the diversity in my posts attest to that. Through out the years, I started developing my voice as an artist. The discipline of writing has helped me filter out many of my false desires. You know the stuff that gets you excited in the moment. I’ve talked about gears, how-to’s, reviews, and etc keeping in mind the wonderful opportunities of making money online by recommendation. But that never lasted. I always came back to writing anecdotes of inspiration. A passion inside me burns for personal growth. It’s been my mission to unify this passion with my skills in visual storytelling and music making. It’s a tough one. When you have so many interest and fields you want to explore. I kind of have to rebuke myself daily to make the right decisions that will lead to sanity and success. That’s where most of my motivation material comes from. Each post is a letter to myself. Which is why most of my writing may come off too direct and arrogant maybe? It’s very personal. No one’s told me this, but I sometimes feel that when I read back on what I’ve written. Anyways, my motivation is not for all. It’s for me, and I just hope you can take something from it as an artist and entrepreneur.

Film Distrubtion Is Being Disrupted

This is great stuff. And it’s true what Ted says. I personally don’t think people are looking for “relationships” in a movie product. But the whole “what’s in it for me” has become stronger. I believe the audience wants more bang for their buck. The shift from big screen to digital/social has given a whole new meaning to consumption of media. In a good way. Rather than take your movie through a traditional route (which is very tedious and close to impossible), you can now target and build communities and bring people to you. If we’re building communities, then I can see where the whole “relationship” falls under. But honestly, people like my father or mother are not seeking out these community channels where new movies are appearing. They want a movie handed to them on DVD, Netflix, or YouTube. TV consoles have made it possible for these community channels to reach the non-techy audience. Still, it lacks engagement and that community feeling. Regardless, this change means wonderful opportunities for the artist. And following up with what Gary Vaynerchuck said, “I think every [social] platform is going to be a media company…” I believe social media will become that missing link we indie producers have been waiting for. Check out more videos below…

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The Future of Movie Watching

“I think every [social] platform is going to be a media company… I think everyone in this room is going to watch a feature film thats going to be Facebook only. There will be a #1 sitcom on Snapchat only.  All the matters is the attention graph. Where are the eyes and ears? I’ll tell you now, if I want to sell to a sixteen year old in America, I’ll sell in Snapchat.” Read more

Can’t Hold Back

I started this personal philosophy that if you want your art to get better, you have to put it out there. Perhaps your writing has tons of misspellings, grammatical errors, and doesn’t make much sense either. It happens to me, but it’s out there. Maybe your videos have horrible acting, storytelling, cinematography, and quality overall. It happens to me, but it’s out there. It could be that your music is not properly mixed, too short, or sounds horrible to begin with. That also happens to me, but it’s out there.  Honestly, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  What is art doing in a hard drive? How can you leave a legacy if something were to happen to You?  Creators create, but more importantly they show and share.  As your craft and mine gets better,  the delete button is only a click away for the old embarrassing stuff to be gone.

I know we artist battle daily with our taste. I’ve written about it plenty of times:

Outside My Control

There’s so many things I would love to change that are outside my control. It’s maddening to even ponder about it too much. When your words and actions provoke nothing to transform circumstances, you have no other alternative but to trust in God. Well, there are plenty of other alternatives. You don’t have to choose faith. But I will. As much as it hurts my pride and self-sufficient tendencies. I think it’s a choice that will lead to a better outcome.


There comes a  time in your creative and entrepreneur life where you need to stop focusing on your weakness. It’s done. It is what is.  By now, you should be filled with so  much strengths that your weakness is only an illusion of failure.  Weakness sometimes does call out for correction or improvement, but most times it’s easily cured with collaboration. We need people with other strengths to compliment our weakness in our life. That’s why spouses, friends, and employees exist. To make you a better you. To make them a better them.  People need you, you need people. People is the solution to weakness. What is your strength? What are you good at? Run crazy fast with that and see how the world will admire and hate you. You have something we don’t.  Then again, we have something you don’t either.

Cloud Nine [Music Video]

I was thinking, why not put some of my music experiments up on Youtube? Maybe it can lead to something. I was able to toy around with some cool particle effects. I thought the soundtrack Cloud Nine will be a great match for it. Nothing fancy. But I definitely want to go this route — add more visuals to my music and more of my music to my visuals. It only makes sense. This means that it will take longer to release stuff. I’m okay with that. It’s fun. I have more songs to put out there. The more I release stuff the better I want to get. I love the challenge.

Being on  SoundCloud is not enough. In fact, I’m experimenting with uploading the videos straight to Facebook as well to see how the goes for me. Anyways, this track is a free download. Enjoy it.