The Distortion of Sound

We have a McDonald’s generation of music consumers – Hans Zimmer

Music and it’s quality have been sacrificed for convenience. We place so much emotional and artistic emphasis on a idea for it to be later delivered in a lossy format called MP3. This is what we’re facing today with both music and video. The convenience, the prices, the sporadic growth of technology — it’s completely out of our hands. The content delivery business has overshadowed quality. While sales rises, quality control falls. What can we do about it?


Any one who’s a parent can relate to this (like I have with other videos).  Having a one year old baby, this animation kinda gives me that lump on the throat feeling. It’s real and nothing can stop it, my little girl will one day be a beautiful grown woman. She will be that young lady falling in love with a man that’s not me. Grrr. It will be a different kind of love. It’s a bit ridiculous to think about this now. I should be thinking about her college fund. Regardless, this is every father’s nightmare.

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Camera Movement

Camera movement is cinematic. Period. Of course, it has to add to the story, scene, moment, dialogue and emotion. The timing has to be impeccable. The framing has to feel right. Yes! there are rules, but we all know we can break them once we know them. The danger in breaking them before knowing them is that we might throw those movements randomly without reason. Resulting to an undisciplined cinematography. While you can justify the shot with it looking cool, you can’t defend it when it doesn’t add to story.

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Around The World

 Capturing the essence of the moment and it being truthful.

When Apple turned 30 years, they decided to celebrate with the iPhone  – capturing life in 100 Countries and 15 locations in 1 day. There’s very little details as to what gear or software were used in 1.24.14. We do get a sneak peak below at the behind the scenes which shows Director Ridley and Jake Scott in action.

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Commercials like this hit home. And I think thats the point. If a product can reach home with it’s story, it’s welcomed to the family. All of sudden, you believe, assume, and are positive that the product is a necessity in your life. It will solve a problem. Probably make you happier, richer, and modern. You believe the story. You believe the lie as Seth Godin would put it in All Marketers are liars Tell Stories. Maybe not this particular product for you. Perhaps something else.

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Angelic Bean

Can you imagine eating a bean that will transform you in to an Angel?

Let’s make it a pearly delicious white bean. Maybe a bit transparent with little bit of glow to it. It’s soft and it even throws off a nice smell. Obviously, it’s not your typical bean.

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12 Years of Slave

Joe Walker, film editor and composer, reveals some powerful psychology and emotion behind some takes and cuts in the film 12 years of Slave. I’m a bit upset on how I  didn’t notice some myself. Good thing to know though. I’m sure somewhere in my psyche it was perceived.

After watching this, you’ll soon realize that editing is more than splitting video apart. It’s very orchestrated and in sync with the camera and actor’s performance. It advances the story.

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Bentley And The iPhone

If Bentley got away with it, so can you! Shot with the iPhone 5S and some extra gear that you’ll probably spot after 3:25.

Little gadgets, both expensive and cheap, like:

Obviously, if you’re on a budget, your best bet is to get the FiLMiC Pro  app, play around with it, and make some beautiful images when you take it back to post.

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Yeah, That’s an iPhone


It’s mind blowing. It’s not only the iPhone guys, it’s every single mobile device out there! It’s just plain exciting and scary where this is going. And if you don’t know what a Beast Grip is, go find out right now! Nuff said.

Director’s Chair


When it comes to making apps, this category — photo/video — grabs my attention. Especially video. Though this market seems inundated with wonderful existing apps. I know it’s missing something. I can feel it. Something is always missing something.  Continue reading