Facebook’s Problem and Potential For Video Content Creators

We all know, Facebook is the king of user data. For brands wanting to reach their audience with video, this is actually great. For independent video content creators making money from their videos, not so much.

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When Dyslexia Meets Acting

Dyslexia is real. Now, I don’t know Kenny Johnson, but I could relate with everything he says. I suffer from some of those things myself. My case is not as severe as others. But I do consider myself challenged with a mild case of dyslexia. Which explains my problems with memorization, reading,and certain struggles in the social and emotional areas.

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Dustin Hoffman’s MasterClass

The point of acting, of playing a character that’s not you, is to reveal yourself.

Dustin Hoffman’s MasterClass invites all of us, who are interested in the craft of acting, to dig in hard and shamelessly reveal the inner prick, douche bag, and evil bastard inside of you that will bring to the silver screen an authentic and true character. If needed for the scene, of course.

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Getting Started With Video Marketing

Video Marketing, followed by some personal case studies, is something I would like to explore in this blog. There’s no intention here to be a marketing guru. My motive is to get my content in to the right hands. As an independent producer, actor, musician, influencer, and small business owner it benefits me doing this. I just hope this helps you, the solo creator, along the way. Eventually the broad topic of video marketing will niche down to what works for me. Then we’ll explore some more specific things in the future. Ok, here we go.

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