Writing Movies


Start with a screenplay.Does anybody know how to write? No? Good. Everyone else writes the same way. Start writing your way. That makes you unique. You can take writing classes. That’s Good. But don’t bother  going to film school, or you’ll be writing like every one else. – Robert Rodriguez

Learn how to make a movie in less than 10 minutes. Simple as that.  If you’re creative, become technical. Write a movie your way, grab a camera, and shoot something. Make mistakes. Repeat. And start showing it off. Your style is art expression. Regardless of what people say. It’s so subjective, it’s not even funny. Of course, there are standards. But when you’re learning, who cares about standards. Just make it happen.

Note to self: It’s been a while since I made a film. Time to get with the program here.

The Making of Cartoons


The Multiplane Camera, an invention ahead of its time. While today, we enjoy full 3D renders of animated films like Toy Story and Wall-E, the classics never had the opportunity of being near a computer, yet they were still made great with it’s own special kind of technology. Camera movement was all that mattered. With these type of machines, animators and camera men were able to pull off parallax effects, depth of field, 3-D, and some sense of reality in animations. The outcome is just phenomenal. Walt Disney is one of those storytelling giants I truly admire. Not only that, but a genius. Him and his team. Frame by Frame, each cartoon was made with style.

How I would love to participate in the making of an animation film. It’s kinda like a childhood dream. Though, the old process requires a lot of patience. Check out the making of Duet to see how Gleen Keane pulled it off. It’s just insane.


Music Made With Bees


This can be done with the iPhone. Peace out and stitch together the sounds with music then see what you get. That’s how I go about it. Can’t wait for inspiration anymore, so it better catch up when I get started. Being a drummer, I begin to toy with several percussion sounds. Before you know it, I’m lost in a beat.

Here’s a dubstep attempt. It’s not really the genre I go for, but it’s real fun to mess with. As a musician, there’s always something to learn so you can later apply it in your “traditional” playing.

Read more about the specs on Music Made With Beeshttp://8dio.com/blog/#blog/music-made-with-bees-2/



I’ve been on a motivational video spree on Youtube. We all need it from time to time. It’s good and healthy. I don’t know what’s in these videos that causes you to jump out of your seat, but everything comes to play. The music, the images, the words…everything. It’s so awesome. But it’s more impressive when we take action and make things happen.


Directing Motion


It sucks that I missed Vincent Laforet’s workshop Directing Motion here in South Florida. I’m sure I would of taken a lot out of it. Coming from film school, there’s always (I mean always) something to learn about cinema. Which is what I love about it. It can drive you crazy sometimes, but the overwhelming feeling makes you a better artist everyday.

I know that the HD videos are ready for purchase and download. But man, it’s not the same. Very pricey, but I think it will be worth it. Gots to budget for it.

The Distortion of Sound


We have a McDonald’s generation of music consumers – Hans Zimmer

Music and it’s quality have been sacrificed for convenience. We place so much emotional and artistic emphasis on a idea for it to be later delivered in a lossy format called MP3. This is what we’re facing today with both music and video. The convenience, the prices, the sporadic growth of technology — it’s completely out of our hands. The content delivery business has overshadowed quality. While sales rises, quality control falls. What can we do about it?



Any one who’s a parent can relate to this (like I have with other videos).  Having a one year old baby, this animation kinda gives me that lump on the throat feeling. It’s real and nothing can stop it, my little girl will one day be a beautiful grown woman. She will be that young lady falling in love with a man that’s not me. Grrr. It will be a different kind of love. It’s a bit ridiculous to think about this now. I should be thinking about her college fund. Regardless, this is every father’s nightmare.

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