25 Days Till 30

So, I’m going to turn 30! I don’t how to feel about that. Which is why I decided to do a 25 daily vlog about it. I guess the “vlogging” is not over yet, as I thought.  June 15 is the day. As that date approaches, I’ll spend my last days as a twenty-nine year old thinking about the future, my next step, and ranting as much as I can.


Last Vlog: Friday, Saturday, Monday

This is my last video blog. Last post, I commented how the evolution of it is the reason why I’m giving it up. I’m familiar with this feeling. It all started with a written blog. After years of trial and error, I discovered my passion for telling stories. Then, I let “blogging” go. No longer am I committed to a blogging lifestyle or blog goals. But through that venture, I discovered something greater. I found the storyteller in me. What I’m trying to say is…I’m no longer pursuing a bloggers career.

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Cinco De Mayo

Here was the plan. Go to party city, get some Cinco de Mayo decorations for a short skit, and share it with you guys. Turns out, I couldn’t do it due to toddler difficulties. Yes, my two year old made it impossible to film. This is mostly my fault, of course. I had this wild idea to have my family (my wife and two kids) in the video. How silly for me to forget how cranky a toddler and a seven month old baby can get after 8 PM. So, I had to improvise.

I’m actually happy with the result. It could of been worst. I could of not done a video at all.


Miami YouTubers, Wynwood, & Coffee

This should be Vlog 008. But honestly, I don’t think I’m going to keep count.  Perhaps, the numbers will appear internally or in the description. Just to keep track and some form measurement of progress. Vlogs are meant to evolve, and I think thats what’s happening here. You get better with time. You build better content, better stories, better headlines, and you start feeling more comfortable with the camera  and with your self.

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Vlog Update

I disappeared for almost two months. But now, I’m back.  Only this time, I’m planning to add more punch, energy, and charisma. Thanks to the first six vlogs, they’ve allowed me to fail, practice, and repeat. Yeah, I was shy, timid, and maybe trying to hard. Do you notice difference? Now, can I take my vlogging skills to the next level? Oh yeah, challenge accepted. Daily Vlogs? Nah! It’s crossed my mind. I play with the idea from time to time, but thats too insane for me. Once a week seems about right. I’ll push it to two. Can I invite some creative friends? Can I play music for you? Can I rant a little bit more? Show you the city? Show you the behind the scene of my studio empire? Yes, yes, yes.  Much more personal creative stuff. Less of the fam. They’ll guest appear from time to time.  Let’s try a new angle this second quarter of 2016. Are you ready? My mind is going 180 MPH right now.

I’m No Writer, But I Write

I’m not going to sleep without writing. I just said this to myself right now, after not having a clue what to write about. Call it writers block. I’m call it, I’m not meant to be a writer. Which is why I called it quits on the blog. But it seems that the art or spirit of writing is not done with me yet. For two years, writing has been like therapy to me. It’s been the only place where I can put my emotions and expressions in order with out mumbling, uming, stuttering, and pausing in between thoughts like I do in person. When I’m angry and frustrated, writing is my go to place. I just don’t know why I don’t use it as often. I’m remembering now. It empowers me. I feel control. I’m creating something. No one can stop me. If I want a mountain to appear in your head. There it is. A powerful mountain on the horizon underneath the purple blue skies created by a majestic sun set. There it is again. Sounds a lot like the Paramount Pictures logo to me.  Anyways, I’m no novelist. I suck at details. But I’ll tell you what I’m getting good at it. It’s being self-aware. Can’t wait to talk about that later.

I think I’m going to sleep now. I wrote, I created, and I vented. Good night.

Saying My Name & Filming With Kids

I rant a lot. This time about how people are saying my name wrong. Since kindergarten. Let me help you pronounce it.

You’ve seen the name. It’s Josue. Yeah, Ho-Sue-Wheh. Does that make sense? I don’t know. Maybe the video will help. I only help you say it, 20 times!! In a dry humor way. I’m not really upset about it. It’s funny to me.

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