The Three Bucket System

I asked Jeff Goins a complex question(s) back at Reddit. He kindly replied with a wealth of information. To sum it  up, my questions were:

  • How can I write everyday?
  • What system can I come up with to make it happen?

Turns out, I was asking the wrong questions.  Again, I was thinking quantity over quality. Jeff shares with me the three buck system he uses to produce worthy content on a regular basis.

I hope this helps you.

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How I Charged for my Services

Coming up for a base price for your services is tough. It’s tempting to look at what your competitors are charging. It’s even more tempting to charge extremely cheap when your starting off. But like anything in the finance area for personal or business: Each dollar needs to have a name. If you’re charging X amount. Where is X amount going? How is it being distributed?

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Am I Even Good?

In a couple of hours, I’ll be shooting my next short film. The actors are ready. Location is ready. My crew is ready. And we have a feel of what we want to shoot. Obviously, I have a shooting list and schedule in place. I’m just running around getting all the props together. Last minute stuff. Something I need to get better at. But I still feel nervous. Afraid maybe. Is it that resistance people speak of when reading the book War of Art. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t read it yet. It’s up for reading this upcoming year. Seriously, though. A million thoughts are running through my head. And not good ones. Should I cancel? Reschedule? Is someone going to cancel on me? Should I even shoot this? Does this even make sense? Am I really that good?

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Making decisions out of impulse or pure emotion is a dangerous thing. Three years ago, on a December 15, a close friend of mine decided to play daredevil with a motorcycle. He sped through a busy intersection, back and forth, with a couple of friends. He successfully crossed twice. Unharmed. I imagine the rush and the excitement. I wasn’t there, but I can picture him boasting about it. His laugh was a one of kind laugh. I can still hear it. He was on vacation, so I’m sure he was having the time of his life. His buddies rooted him to try it again.

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Out with The New, In with The Old

Those two cars are mine. Well, technically one is. The other one is owned by the banks. And here’s the issue: I’m trying to bring my expenses down and place more financial focus on the business. And maybe, just maybe, being broke has a little to do with it too. The truth, one of them has to go.

“One surefire way to determine if a bootstrapper is going to succeed or not is to check out how she changes her lifestyle when she starts the business.” The Bootstrapper’s Bible.

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I know what broke feels like. Being in debt. Having that knot around your throat. The tension on your shoulders. Witnessing that insecure look in your spouse’s eyes.

I know what student loans, credit card debt, and medical bills taste like. It’s disgusting.

I know what eating rice and beans for a week straight is.

I know what having a four-year college degree and no job security sounds like. You too, believed in the system.

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I’m A Writer

Weeks ago I posted some thoughts on being a musician. Now, I want to reflect on me being a writer. I feel weird saying it because I never considered myself one. But I am. A good one? I don’t know. But I am one.

I’m trying to think back of when it all started. Ah yes, 1st grade. I remember a teacher challenging us to write a story. I wrote one on sharks. Don’t remember much of the plot line. All I knew is that once it was done, the teacher loved it. He, I don’t remember his name, actually took the time to walk me out of class to the library to make a hard cover for it with spirals and stuff. It was my first book!

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A Bit of Business

Here’s a little something I added to my about page.

“Through this blog, I expect to evolve as a independent artist, entrepreneur, and human being. My hope is to create the books, films, and tunes I see and hear from afar.
It’s been over a year since I took this blog seriously. With its many ups and downs, it’s starting to look like a great place to journal my bootstrapping strategies. Real soon, I’ll be diving in the waters of sales, marketing, and distribution. So, it make sense to remain inspired, educated, informant, and connected with those who are in the same boat called entrepreneurship.”

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Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed… and produce wonderful results.  James 5:

What if I were to share my failures with someone, rather than hiding them?

What if exposing your weakness makes you stronger?

What if outside the darkness, where you feel secure, there’s a big transformation waiting for you?

Truthfully, we’ll never until we start thinking like winners.

Here’s a start: Failing is winning.

Now get up and produce something.