The Repetition of Story

Storytelling is nothing new. It’s existed since the beginning of time, I’ll say. It’s been a form of survival,  entertainment, and business. Think of it. Grandma tell stories, teachers and preachers tell stories, and even car salesmen tell stories.  It’s so captivating. And what fascinates me the most  is how it repeats itself, clothed differently, but never failing to amuse us. If told right, of course.

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I’m A Musician

Most of you don’t know this. I’m a musician. A drummer by trade. Being doing it for about 15+ years. I consider myself intermediate. I sound pretty good. The simpler the groove the better. I like keeping it tight. That pocket groove you know? Letting silence do its magic.

I wish you can feel what I feel when I play. Nothing else matters. I disconnect. And if I’m accompanied by other musicians, it’s heaven –good musicians that is. But 5 years ago or so, it all went downhill.


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Dissecting Pixar & The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella Pixar FCPX

They say Pixar are great storytellers.  And I’ll have to agree.  They’re so good at what they do that Hollywood is pretty much scared to copy them.

“Everyone in Hollywood says they wish they could do it like Pixar, but they really don’t. There’s no secret at Pixar, but there is a belief in letting people pursue something with passion and take chances, and most of Hollywood, really, doesn’t like that. It’s too scary. Some studio executives will say they love obsessive creators who take risks, but really most of them would rather play it safe.” – Brad Bird (Hero Complex interview)

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FCPX and Music Making

An amazing tutorial by Light Iron. Just goes to show you how powerful FCPX is. With its ability to practically bring in every single plugin from Logic Pro X, you can record your acoustics along side with picture. You don’t have to be restricted by “picture-lock.” Edit, create, and explore as you go. What a great way to enhance your visual story. I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t discovere this earlier! Then again, we learn something every day. How awesome.


The armature must be strong that it makes the story universal
and makes the genre inconsequential.
– Brian McDonald

Your story needs a theme. And by theme, I mean a point. Without a point or moral to your story, it’s just a pile of information. I remember when producing my first short film, Nati & Rigo, I wanted to make clear that poverty leads to crime.  And because my main characters were illegal immigrants and desperate for a wedding that cost them about $5000 (money they did not have), they turned to crime to make their dream come true. This story is wrapped up with a romantic-comedy genre, not that it matters. Because it can be retold in many ways and still convey the same message. Stories are universal. Granted, when you watch my first film, maybe it’s not the best dialogue or acting in the world. But one thing for sure, I understood my point and it influenced every aspect of my story.

For my next project, I’m inspired by the theme Don’t let evil get the best of you, but get the best of evil by doing good. Let’s see where that takes me.

Digital Inheritance

Digital is scary. Dead are the days of DVD and CD. You probably already noticed that. Our up and coming generation will never have that tangible experience, like you and I did once in our life time. And that’s the sad truth.

That sense of ownership is gone. It seems companies are going this route really fast. Taking things away from you — convincing you to trust them. My point.  Are we left with anything to pass on? Will my children inherit the digital music, movies, and softwares I’ve acquired? Should my Apple ID and password (along with other credentials) be part of my will? What will happen to these companies 50 years from now and my stuff invested in them.  As I ask myself this, I’ve come to realize that we have a humongous digital responsibility.

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Weekly Update for September 26, 2014


I’ve been doing some daily blogging and sharing through Google+. I feel really comfortable with this platform. In fact, I will test it out for a while.  You may ask why not just use your personal domain to blog?  That make sense.  But I’m a bit picky. There so much awesome content to share, I don’t think they belong here. I think my work, thoughts, and progression with projects do (music, web series,  scripts and other ideas) . So more of that coming soon.

The content I’m about to share are amazing findings and work from other people I follow. When you circle me in Google+ (the updates also go straight to Twitter), you’ll find just that and more. This here, are the meat and potatoes.

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What’s a Showrunner?

It’s the person (producer and writer) who has overall creative authority and management responsibility of a television program.

Pretty much the head honcho of a TV show. Overseeing the writing and production of their TV creation.  Maybe they direct an episode or two. But what’s more important to them is the big picture — the season.

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5 Screenwriting Traits


Writing movies for a living is tough. Like anything, it requires discipline and constant motivation. Overall, it begs for these traits below.

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