Music Heals

“And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled [King] Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away.” — 1 Samuel 16:23 [The Bible]

This is not the first time we see the power of music in action. It’s been done before. If there’s a story in my life that impacted me as a musician, it’s this one. The one of King Saul and David — which led me to believe that my musical gift had a greater purpose than “just for entertainment.”

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Louis Prima

Ever since watching the movie The Jungle Book on VHS, endlessly as a kid, Louis Prima became one of my top most musicians I listen to. The song I Wanna Be Like You featuring him (King Louie) and Phil Harris (Baloo the Bear) was my ultimate favorite musical scene (it’s right up there next to Aladdin’s Friend Like Me). If you watch it, I think you’ll find it funny, and . In fact, there are plenty of classics, maybe one of your favorites, that are worthy to be passed on to the next generations. I think I unconsciously, I did that with my daughter Zoey. While she hasn’t yet seen the movie, she has sure heard of Louis Prima! In fact, when she browses through my iTunes Radio on the iPhone or Apple TV, she clicks right on him! Then immediately begins to dance. I love it! She reminds me so much of…me! So, rather than stay reminiscing, I join her in the fun and dance along with her.

The Hobbit Production Diaries

I’m impressed by Peter Jackson’s long term commitment to the Hobbit Series slash Lord of The Rings story world. The guy has been at it since 2001 (Well that’s just the released date of The Fellowship Of The Ring). I’ll say 1999 around there. Need a reminder of 1999? Watch this video below before committing a full hour and a half to behind the scenes (A YouTube Playlist) to The Hobbit Movies.

The reason I admire Peter Jackson is because imagine recreating a movie(s) of an existing story whos world has been already formed (by J.R.R Tolkien) and comitting to it for more than 15 years. Wow, that’s some serious dedication. And to take the time to share with the world how you did it. I like that.

Creating An Anti Hero

I’ve always been a fan of creating anti-heroes. I can relate to them. In fact, I think these type of heroes can relate with everyone who surrounds me. Meaning, we are all imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world and there’s nothing more like an anti-hero to reflect that.

The anti-hero lives in a universe with a more cynical, ambiguous moral code. He will have visible character flaws, and he will doubt himself. They will perform heroic acts, like a traditional hero, but unlike a traditional hero, who has both the physical and moral capabilities to be heroic, the anti-hero usually has neither. — The Write Practice

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January Report: Youtube Analytics

YouTube has obviously become a powerful tool for my creative work. I won’t say I’ve used to its fullest because I haven’t. I should be publishing weekly, if not bi-weekly, to increase the views and watch time for my channel (and pillar videos like my recent short film). Is it necessary? As a content creator, to produce videos frequently, I think it is as much as my writing is necessary to this blog and brand. I will have to admit that I failed in strategizing for it this year. My concerns were geared more towards pruning some areas of my life to become more effective this 2015. I don’t regret it one bit. It seems that I’ve concluded to become more local, focus strongly in just making music and movies, and writing more. My desire to push the end product has gone from 100% to 25%. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve “marketed” my latest film and music enough or at all.

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Try Fatherhood


I talked to a gentleman yesterday and briefly explained to him my love for my daughter, my first child, as she energetically paced around us. I said, “You think you don’t have what it takes to be a dad. But once you see them born and grow up, something comes out of you that you thought you never had.” And it’s true. That love for a child is so pure, innocent, and irresistatble. You can only hinder it by using your past as an excuse for it not to consume you. This love literrally transforms you. I know a few who resist this change. But it’s a good change. Once your child is born, you are born again in a sense. It’s an another opportunity given to you by God to make a difference and leave something behind as we grow in age and experience. It’s a physical measurement of time. A test of character, wisdom, and patience. Some run away from the diapers, lack of sleep, and other parenthood struggles. Don’t.

Filmmaking, Music and Code

“Programming plays a huge role in the world that surrounds us, and though its uses are often purely functional, there is a growing community of artists who use the language of code as their medium. Their work includes everything from computer generated art to elaborate interactive installations, all with the goal of expanding our sense of what is possible with digital tools. To simplify the coding process, several platforms and libraries have been assembled to allow coders to cut through the nitty-gritty of programming and focus on the creative aspects of the project. These platforms all share a strong open source philosophy that encourages growth and experimentation, creating a rich community of artists that share their strategies and work with unprecedented openness.”

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The Creative Process

When its time for a new a idea, let it be a movie or music, this is pretty much how I feel sometimes. I think most artist can relate. It’s overwhelming, yet rewarding. It’s frustrating, but it’s exactly the place you want to be because it’s better than anything else. My imagination goes wild. It’s tough to explain. Sometimes even hard to put on paper or words. Which is why I sometimes choose to say it through sound or images.

How To Make Movie Rain

I found this to be very creative and it’s fairly cheap to make. The beauty about DIY videos like this is that when you see the possibilities of boosting your production value with minimal investment, your writing is impacted by it. You have an inch more creative freedom to invent a scene where rain could add to the emotion of the story. Maybe a kissing scene in the rain (how romantic), a body being dragged in the mud (how thrilling), or having the main character’s car have a flat tire in the middle of no where (can it get any worse, sure add rain).

For more DIY stuff, check out Tom’s blog.