Action Thinking

I’ve been wrestling with this idea for a while.  Action Thinking — a curated collection of quotes and movie lines from epic characters and people  in form of image or video form that will provoke the reader or viewer to stay motivated. It’s nothing new. But it’s something I would love to start doing for the sake of staying inspired and connected to the action genre.  Which I think by now, it’s pretty clear I want to dive in to more. The Action Thinking content will be shareable. It will build conversations. It will keep us hungry for growth and action.

Hopefully I can get started here: 


Abandoning Writing

When I go hiatus from writing, whether its developing a story or sharing a personal experience, I tend to notice an increase of stress and a desperation for creating. Since I took on this blog seriously two years ago, it’s become very personal and therapeutical in away for me. Not because I get to publicize my thoughts or problems. But because I get to give life to my ideas, stories, and rants by sharing it with the world as means of survival.   Read more


The Door Is Slightly Open

Through the cracks, I remember seeing my father play his guitar. Strumming, creating, and harmonizing. Making music to the best of his abilities. Some nights, I’ve even seen him pray. He always rested at the edge of the bed, with the night lamp on, as he closed his eyes and intimately murmured. He read books, slept like a bear, and at times caught me watching and invited me in.

Now, I’m the one being watched. What will my children see? What stories does my wife have? When I’m passionately in my zone, with that small opening on the door, what will my loved ones remember of me?


They Think I’m Mexican

Down here in Miami, Fl there’s a lot of ethnic and cultural differences. Especially amongst the Hispanic race. You tend to see a lot Donald Trumpers in the Latino Community, who love to label the brown-skins as Mexicans. Honestly, as a victim of that, I don’t get offended at all. I just laugh inside at the ignorance — assuming that by them calling me Mexican is suppose to hurt me. So, I call you an Irish, African, Canadian, or Brazilian. Is this suppose demean you or me? Not at all. Know what I think? I think it’s time for these people to hit up Google Maps and learn some Latin American countries. Read more

Masked Avengers

Kung Fu Movies

I want to say I love Kung Fu movies. But I don’t watch them enough to even say that. If I choose to watch one, it’s probably because it has some cool kung fu-ish cover. Like a flying kick, an epic fighting pose, Bruce Lee, or that white bearded old villain guy.

Kung Fu Movies are so over the top. Which is why I enjoy watching them. The fight scenes are amazing. If it’s well choreographed. You got my attention. I’m at the edge of my seat. I don’t mind reading sub-titles nor do I mind the dubbing. I accept it for what is. After the end credit scroll, then I make the judgement. Read more


The Future

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.- C.S.Lewis

If we had a time machine, I’m sure some of us will do unbelievable things. Some will alter their past to strike it rich, others will probably prevent some evil world leaders to even be born, or maybe even travel to the future to get a glimpse of whats to come. Read more


Start A Business

With less than $100, you can be operating under a business name and with a business bank debit card in no time. You can literally be in business tomorrow!

But all that means nothing, if you don’t have the passion, the entrepreneur spirit, the drive and the courage to fail, so you can later win.

I learned something this week. Over night success happens after years and years of hustle. It’s not instant, only registering and opening a bank account is.

I guess, it’s time to put some years of hard work, starting….now!