The name is Josue Molina.

I tell stories. And The internet has been an awesome place to tell them.

myfaceBorn in L.A, raised in Miami. I create original web content. Movies and music for that matter.  In efforts of building a transmedia storytelling empire, I branch out to many niches to one day combine them and conquer the world.

My passion is visual storytelling and digital music. I’m a bit of a mobile tech enthusiast. Keen on personal branding and growth.


I’m no film buff. I’m just intrigued by telling a good story through motion picture. Let it be done on a movie screen or tablet. I think either work for my upcoming web series and feature films. You’ll see more about that soon. I’ve already shared most of my research for it through social networks. From how to make a thriller film to how make a web series. Join the conversation and see how much you’ll learn too.  Circle me on Google+ and follow me on Twitter.

Being a Christian and seeing the possibilities of making  a faith-based film. I also explore this industry aswell. If you can relate, join my community with 50+ members.

If you’re a Youtuber, hope you can check out my new channel. And if you’re a Miami Youtuber, this community I formed will connect you with others.


I bang on the drums. But also compose simple digital sounds. Having the gift of a trained ear, I can’t get a way with a lot.  Electronic music is still a fresh gift.  So I can’t wait to add some  melodies to my visual work.

Topics I Talk About

Here’s a bit of what I share from day to day. Some more than others. Each day is different.

  • How To Make A Webseries
  • How To Write and Make A Thriller Film (character types and story structure)
  • How To Manage and Grow A Youtube Channel
  • How To Make Film Score Music and Electronic Music (using Logic Pro X. yeah!)
  • Storytelling (transmedia storytelling. creating storyworld, and writing tips)
  • Overview of the Faith-Based (Christian) Film Market
  • How to Make A Mobile Game or App business

My goal is to share this not only in blog form or through social media, but also in  video/audio podcast form via Youtube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.  While I work on that, follow me through Google+  or Twitter where I talk about all this stuff.

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