It Takes Time

Compared to other years, the beginning of this new year seemed pretty chaotic. Starting December 2017, I entered a world of home improvement, which I thought would take me 15 days to finish but turned out being 45. Little did I know, I will soon become very knowledgable in tearing down walls, filling holes, installing drywall, tiles, baseboards, painting, drilling, and finally understanding what days the garbage and recycle trucks passed by the neighborhood.

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Hurricane Irma Almost Destroyed US

It left me powerless for three days and homeless for two.

I refuged to my parents place only because they had more food than me.

Sleepless and sweaty nights are all I can remember. The floods, fallen trees, and roofless homes are fixable. But post-hurricane, which tend to be windless and humid, are the worst and most traumatizing.

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