Hey, I’m  Josue Molina. Born in L.A, raised in Miami.

I make movies and music. And the internet has been the place where I share them. Here at the blog, I write personal stories, thoughts on visual storytelling, and music.

Personal Stories

I’m a person of faith. Motivation runs through my veins. If you ask me to believe in the impossible, I’ll give you a “sure, no problem.” So yeah, I’m big on personal growth. This encourages me to write my thoughts and share them with you. Some of them even translate to a theme for a film or music.

Visual Storytelling

I enjoy storytelling. While I don’t consider myself an authority of it yet, I do see myself as the most interested student.

With my creative team, Valiant Group Studios, I produce and direct short films with a few things in mind: human emotion, redemption, and inspiration.

I also have a feature film under development. You’ll hear more about this soon.


I bang on the drums. But also compose digital sounds. Having the gift of a trained ear, I can’t get a way with a lot. The idea is to produce some sweet melodies for my visual work.  You can check some of it on SoundCloud and some are even free for download.



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