Die empty

Die Empty

Have you ever heard the saying, “die empty?” This means give everything you have in you to the people until you have nothing left, so when death comes knocking at your door, you can leave satisfied knowing that your not stealing anyone’s blessing. That’s right. Your work is someone’s blessing.  Your idea is someone’s entertainment, fear, laughter, cry, and disappointment in some cases. Regardless of what the results are, we need your idea. We need it to move us. So, don’t leave this earth with it. Share it! Die empty!


Changes Are Coming

Honestly, I think I’m done with the curated blog posts and industry educational topics. At one point, I thought it was for me.  Slowly, this started changing. It’s a bit overwhelming now. I’m tired of searching for existing topics and reposting here. It’s time consuming and it prevents me from focusing on what’s important — my art. While it’s a great strategy to pull in certain people to my blog, I think it’s time to start working towards my personal brand in a whole new way without trying to leverage off of somebody else’s work.  If I find something worthy to share, I’ll probably do so on my Twitter. But it won’t be something I’m intentionally looking for just because it will fit nice under my movies or music category. The truth, I think those categories will fade along with the rest of the things. I don’t think I have anything to teach anymore when it comes to the craft.  But I do have a lot to say with the use of it.  So it’s time for me to narrow my energy and focus.  What will you start seeing in this blog? A slow of evolution of what it will potentially be — a collection of my work, a lot more self branding, and your occasional motivational post.


Coming Up With Ideas

Coming up with new ideas is tough. It’s even discouraging at times. Sitting in front of blank canvas of some kind, and for ideas not to flow as you expect it is devastating.

Like any artist, I desire to write and create fresh material everyday. Not once in a blue moon, I want to be consistent at it; making it a routine; and part of my creative nature or whatever you want to call it. I want to be an “idea” man. Whether it’s music or film. I want to bring something new to table like every true creative should. I want to make doable things happen — sure it’s cool to come up with the impossible. Anybody can do that. But what can I do now with my limitations? — I want to wake up with a possible story, a catchy tune, a crazy drum beat, an awesome action scene and bring it to life. I’m tired of being stuck.

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Dreams of Wars Soundtrack

I may not be writing much here on the blog. Which hurts my soul. Shame on me. But I am making music. Here’s my approach of making some kind of cinematic drums build up.

More of this coming soon. More writing too hopefully.


Becoming A Music Producer

“A skill that separates a mediocre producer from an exceptional one is actual musicianship. A producer’s ability to contribute meaningfully to a recording session is directly related to his or her understanding of the craft.” – Evan Williams

A three part series by Dubspot. I’m inspired to learn more. Never satisfied, you know. Check out part 1, part 2, and part 3.

i Suck!-2

I Suck

This post is not original. Tons of people have said it. But, I want to say it too. I suck.

It’s not a product of low self-esteem or humility. It’s reality. I don’t think I’m a loser. The contrary, I think I’m a winner. My future looks very bright. But you know, as an artist, you have to be honest with yourself. What I offer is not even close to my taste. It will never be “good enough.” My work has a million of imperfections. I have the huge demand to get better and to hustle harder everyday. I feel it. The pressure  tortures me. When it hits me, I get picky, whiny, timid, prideful, and mix of all that put together in a blender. I beat myself up for it because I know do. And this is bad, but I want to get better. Then I learned something.

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