Classic Movies

I’ve taken a big interest on Classic movies. And by classics, I mean before the 70’s or B.S –Before Star Wars.

It took a while to appreciate. Can’t lie, I was bit reluctant at first. Then I convinced my that as a visual storyteller I have a duty to learn about the movie industry. I did fall asleep a lot during Film History class, so there’s tons of catching up to do. But it’s amazing what you can find when dig in to this one hundred year old art form.

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Finally 30 – Last Vlog

This sounds familiar. That’s because a while back I did give up on the vlog. It was very informal. I regret not giving a proper goodbye. It was one of those videos I put together quickly just to get it out of the way. Actually, a couple videos before “the last vlog” where kind of like that too. That’s when I noticed my passion for this was dying out. I stopped caring and it became more of a burden than fun.

Honestly, I realized that this is a lot of hard work.

Don’t get me wrong. Video blogging is fun. It’s personal, challenging, and probably the most organic way to reach an audience. This benefited me. People started to take me serious for my craft. They praised my bravado. Some, at a very small scale of course, wanted to replicate it and try it for themselves. I was blown away by that. The people wanted more. But I just wasn’t giving it to them because I started second-guessing it. Did I really want to do this?

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