June 15, 1986

The day I was born, Father’s Day. Do I remember much of it? Like many of you, not really. I can assure you that it was a day of mixed emotions. What a special gift for dad — his first son! What a relief for my mother after a complicated labor. It was worth it, I’ll say.

Twenty eight years have passed since that day. Another Father’s Day to celebrate with an extra punch. Not only do I have my old man to embrace but a little girl to carry around with my birthday cone hat. I’m not sure when the calendar will give me this double whammy again. It feels awesome. Sucks I only get one gift though, people save money with me. But gifts are over rated. As I get older, I’m just happy to see that I’m granted another year of living. Life is all around me. Death can happen any minute. As I celebrate birth, I’m just amazed of how good God is. Man.

Happy Birth-Father’s Day to me.


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