5 Screenwriting Traits


Writing movies for a living is tough. Like anything, it requires discipline and constant motivation. Overall, it begs for these traits below.

As writers,  filmmakers, or musicians, we need to device some type of plan to stay effective and productive in our markets.  Especially if you’re like me —  trying to make a living out of what we love doing. Which is why, in the case of writing, I completely recommend following Scott Meyers 1,2,7, 14 formula to become more of a productive and better screenwriter. 

Here is a simple formula about three things — Read Scripts. Watch Movies. Write Pages. — you need to do to expand and deepen your understanding of the screenwriting craft.

Look at the numbers. By the time you’re done with system, in a year you will have read 52 screenplays, watched 104 movies and have written 2 feature-length screenplays.  Add the traits to your arsenal, and see how you and I will blow up in fame! Ha! Well, maybe not fame, but we’ll have something complete in our hands.

Customize the system and make it your own. In my case, I’m trying to tackle down a documentary and a narrative feature. It will be smart for me to cater this simple system to my goals.  My research will require a lot more than just reading screenplays. As an indie filmmaker, both you and I know that I’ll need to do deep a study of genre, markets, marketing, and other little things that will eventually help get me better results in my writing, producing, and distribution of my films.  It’s hard trying to balance the craft and business for the type of industry we are as solo artist. But it has to be done. You might feel alone, but trust me you are not. A  lot of us are hustling here.

In reality, like I mention at the beginning, we all need these traits for everything in life. It’s super crucial for personal growth and creative success.

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    1. @danblackonleadership:disqus you are right. Have you noticed that no matter how passionate someone is about something, if there is no consistency or discipline — it means nothing. Some entrepreneurs and artist face this issue. We stay in dream mode.

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