A Bit of Business

Here’s a little something I added to my about page.

“Through this blog, I expect to evolve as a independent artist, entrepreneur, and human being. My hope is to create the books, films, and tunes I see and hear from afar.
It’s been over a year since I took this blog seriously. With its many ups and downs, it’s starting to look like a great place to journal my bootstrapping strategies. Real soon, I’ll be diving in the waters of sales, marketing, and distribution. So, it make sense to remain inspired, educated, informant, and connected with those who are in the same boat called entrepreneurship.”

Not much will change in 2015. The goals are still the same: Build character, write better, make movies, write music, and become financially free. Obviously, a lot more detailed than that. But there is this one thing I want to add a lot more focus to and that is business. Bootstrapping for the matter.

I don’t want to spoil it now. I’ll leave it for a future post but here’s a taste.

What’s a bootstrapper? I think Seth Godin defined it best in his Bootstrapper’s Manifesto.

“An entrepreneur who works their butt off to start a business from scratch with no (or almost no) money.”

This awfully sounds a lot like me. And I kind of like the idea.

I guess it’s good news then. We’re going to spice up the blog a little with some bootstrapping convos coming from a  I-have-no-clue-of-what-I’m-doing  point of view with a bit of want-to-learn-with-me? too.

Ahead of time, I want to apologize if some future post appear to be too simple. Too bad.

So, any stuff for me to make and sell? Uh, movies. Time to learn. Let’s go!


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