TL;DR? I'm write, film, act, make music and babies.

Again, it’s Ho-Suu-Whe…

Hello beautiful you! Having a hard time pronouncing my name? Don’t worry,  I’m not offended. I get it, it’s different. Maybe foreign. I’ll like to say exotic. It’s Spanish for Joshua. But don’t call me Josh, my wife hates it.

I’m an independent producer, actor, content creator and musician focused on developing videos and movies. I’m a jack of all trades, in hopes of becoming a master of visual storytelling. It’s no big deal really. In a nutshell..

 I’m just a guy with ideas to film and things to say in hopes of you liking it.


Let’s get a bit more personal, shall we?

I was born in L.A on a Father’s Day. That makes me a very special gift to dad. Five years later, my parents moved to Miami. Where I was introduced to cafecito and pastelitos. Fast forward thirty something years. I am now a husband of one and father of three. And I’m allergic to shell fish.

The story doesn’t end. I continue telling it through my writing, videos, music, and movies. And it’s all here in the innerwebs.


I’ve taken on the challenge to make my own films, my own rules, and take charge of my own destiny! Yeah! I write, produce, act and even edit my own work. Like a boss.

You can find me active daily on social media. Places like Instagram or Facebook (Page and Personal).

Time for some cafecito now. Bye!