A Haiku Biography

Immigrant Parents from Honduras. Born in L.A on a Father’s Day. Raised in Miami. Today, I’m Thirty. Spanish still strong. Hola. A husband of one and father of two. Middle child. Founder of an entertainment company called Valiant Group Studios. Helping companies with video through VidCulture Studios. 

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A Little Bit More About Me

Well, hello there. I’m Josue Molina. An independent producer, director, actor, and musician. I have this crazy obsession with imagination, an incurable itch to create, a burn for telling visual stories, a curiosity to test new things, and sometimes I think I drink too much coffee.

On a typical day, you’ll usually find me in the studio working on that one small thing that will lead me to my ultimate goal: to make a feature film.  I take multiple approaches to reach that goal, being an indie and all. Some days, I’m studying acting. Other days, I’m learning a bit more on sound editing or you’ll see me hitting the books on storytelling. One my favorite days is when I’m actually producing smaller scale projects that gives me the chance to put all this knowledge to work. It’s never a boring day.

I’m very optimistic. Very blunt. Though, I never considered myself a smart man, but boy has life thrown me a couple nuggets of wisdom here and there. So, in this blog, I share some of that. Some thoughts, some rants, and some updates on what I’m doing to get my creative juices flowing.

The writing here has no category nor a schedule. This is just a space for me to be me.

The internet is a special place. If you google my name, you’ll probably find old blog post, videos of me, and stuff I say on social media. You’ll see how involved I am to building a personal brand, to testing, failing, growing and attempts to entertain. Right now, I’m really driven by creating my own intellectual property — characters and stories that will fit in a world of comics, movies, games and animation. I come to find out, this is not an easy thing to do. But add this to my ultimate goals list.

I started music playing the trombone, believe it or not. Then I jumped to the piano, but for some reason I landed on the drums. I immediately fell in love, so I stayed there for a long time. Today, I’m all about digital music. It’s interesting how I’ve managed to tie this passion with my moviemaking ventures by film scoring now.

I love what I do. Even when it’s hard to put it all together and make sense out of it. I’m afraid that if I ever make sense out of this, it wouldn’t be fun anymore.

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