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A Haiku Biography

Immigrant Parents from Honduras. Born in L.A on a Father’s Day. Raised in Miami. Today, I’m Thirty. Spanish still strong. Hola. A husband of one and father of two. Middle child. Founder of an entertainment company called Valiant Group Studios. Helping startups and artists with VidCulture Studios. 

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A Little Bit More About Me

Well, hello there. I’m Josue Molina. An independent producer, director, actor, and musician. I have this crazy obsession with imagination, an incurable itch to create, a burn for telling visual stories, a curiosity to test new things, and sometimes I think I drink too much coffee.

On a typical day, you’ll usually find me in the studio working on that one small thing that will lead me to my ultimate goal: to make a full feature action movie.  Ok, sometimes, you’ll find me working on a project completely unrelated to that goal, but when you dig deep, there’s always something there in a microscopic level that advances me to that place.

I’m very optimistic. Very blunt. But big on emotional intelligence never the less. Honestly, I never considered myself a smart man, but boy has life thrown me a couple nuggets of wisdom here and there. So, in this blog, I share some of that. Some thoughts, some rants, and updates on what I’m doing next. It really doesn’t have a category nor a schedule. It’s just a space to be me. A place to talk to you.

The internet is a special place. If you google my name, you’ll probably find old blog post, videos of me, and stuff I say on social media. You’ll see how involved I am to building a personal brand, to testing, failing, growing and attempts to entertain. Right now, I’m really driven by creating my own intellectual property — characters and stories that will fit in a world of comics, movies, games and animation.

I’m a practitioner of content creation. There’s so much more out there to try. I’m on it!

I started music playing the trombone, believe it or not. Then I jumped to the piano, but for some reason I landed on the drums. I immediately fell in love, so I stayed there for a long time. Today, I’m all about digital music. It’s interesting how I’ve managed to tie this passion with my moviemaking ventures by film scoring now.

I love what I do. Even when it’s hard to put it all together and make sense out of it. I think if I ever make sense out of this, it wouldn’t be fun anymore.

If you want say hello. Email me: [Click]

A Company I’m In Love With:

  • Valiant Group Studios: An entertainment production house focused on multiplatform storytelling developments such as movies, animation, comic books and video games.