10 After Effects Fundamental Lessons For Beginners

Ok, so I’ve got the motion graphics, animation, and VFX bug. I’ll admit it. I’ve been doing a fair share of research on compositing, character rigging, and text animation using programs like Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema 4D. I have them all. And I’m trying to make use of them. For two solid reasons. One, I would like to open doors of employment that I’ve looked away from because I never carried these skills. I was more of shoot and edit guy. My options were limited. Looking at the industry, and not living in a L.A, I’m kind of forced to be a jack of trades here in Miami. Knowing these things is not really something to complain about it. Beats delivering pizzas. But it is challenging for me. It’s not the first time I touch these programs. I’ve can get around it. But not fully convinced enough to put it on paper that I’m proficient. Thankfully training for it can be done during my existing job without really stealing any ones time (I’m trying to book my nights for writing and music). It’s an investment for my current employer and self. We all win. Which takes me to reason number two. Second reason is because it opens up a world of possible ideas for new stories I can independently develop. How awesome it will be make an animated short? or include visual effects to my other film ideas. I got the bug. I’m really excited. It will take a couple of days for me to calm down from it.

With all of this said, I want to share some resources on how to get started with After Effects. Thanks to Premium Beat, we can do so for free. Check out the 10 FREE videos on the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects.


Lesson 1: Welcome to After Effects  bit.ly/pb-ae1
Lesson 2: Precomps, Parenting, & Expressions  bit.ly/pb-ae2
Lesson 3: Chroma Keying, Transfer Modes, & Rotoscoping  bit.ly/pb-ae3
Lesson 4: Editing & Animating Text  bit.ly/pb-ae4
Lesson 5: Shape Layers  bit.ly/pb-ae5
Lesson 6: Manipulating Footage  bit.ly/pb-ae6
Lesson 7: Particles, Paint, & Puppets  bit.ly/pb-ae7
Lesson 8: Advanced Expressions & Presets  bit.ly/pb-ae8
Lesson 9: Tracking  bit.ly/pb-ae9
Lesson 10: Lights Cameras and 3D  bit.ly/pb-ae10

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