Angelic Bean

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Can you imagine eating a bean that will transform you in to an Angel?

Let’s make it a pearly delicious white bean. Maybe a bit transparent with little bit of glow to it. It’s soft and it even throws off a nice smell. Obviously, it’s not your typical bean.

As you listen to this short song, imagine the transformation your body will take after eating the bean. Wings will spurt out. Perhaps a metallic skin armor begins to generate over your body. You grow a bit taller. Stronger.  The earth shakes a bit. Bits and pieces of dirt and rock float in the air as a fog and particles of light cover your metamorphosis.

So you become an Angel. Now what?

Well, it will be nice to finish the song to see where this story will take you. The song itself is a nice and simple experiment of ambient and world music — which I’m totally unfamiliar with. I am sure you have heard a lot better. But assuming this style will take me to another level of music appreciation, I’m all up for it. How fun.


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