Be Everywhere

If you lend your ear to social media professionals the majority will tell you, “be everywhere.”

But reality is, when you’re an indie, it’s best not to. If you’re that solo entrepreneur, bootstrapper, or ADD/Dyslexic creative type — it’s best to keep it simple. Stick to one social media platform.

Of course, you’ll be missing out on some nifty ways to promote your product. But can you really afford to spend countless of hours to Pin, Tweet, Plus, Like, Share, Snap, Tag, Hashtag, Search, Comment, Read, and Watch? Eventually, you’ll get there. But with a team.

The big question is:

How can you buy time, rather than spend it?

Save $50 a week and have your little brother in college who studying marketing to do it. Invest in a person to become the social media expert. You just bought yourself some hours in the week to do something more productive like creating. I know it’s a risky option, but isn’t that what business is about?  Risk? I know the idea is to surround yourself with people who are potentially smarter than you? But, also, isn’t it important for you to develop that keen eye for potential and talent in people? They’re pretty much waiting for someone like you to pull them out.

Granted, I’m no social media guru. My following speak for themselves. I have tons to learn and grow. But here’s what I’ve learned for business, creativity, and sanity sake.

Don’t be everywhere. Be somewhere. Be someone.

Communities are important. Go find them (local ones too). But don’t let it stop you from creating.

These finals days of the year I decided to let go of most of the platforms (with thousand of followers). You’ll find me now on Twitter and YouTube (with a Google Plus Page) only. I’m wiping everything out. It feels good. I can concentrate. Be more focused. Strategic.

Now, who can I invest in?

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