Being Latino

Latinos have been dying for America since before we were a nation. Why have our children not heard that thousands of Latino patriots fought for America in the Revolutionary War? Bernardo de Gálvez, a Spanish general, recruited Mexicans, Cubans, Native Americans and free African-Americans to fight against the British in the South, while Cuban women donated their jewelry and money to help the patriots. Where is the Ken Burns documentary about that? –  

Have I ever felt like a minority? Yes. Have I ever felt like I’m being prejudged or under estimated as a Latino? Yeah. Has anyone outside my race has literally done such inhumane thing towards me? No. I’ve never experienced hate. Does it exist? Of course, it does. It happens everyday. When you’re raised in a city like Miami, full of hispanics, it tends not to reach you. But you see it in the media, experience it in the movies, sense it when you travel upstate, tremble when you hear the stories and when you finally realize that the system was never created to honor your race – the hate becomes very real without even being victimized. Then an idea begins to form in the young Latino mind.

“Hispanics are the most underrepresented ethnic group in film and television.”

I don’t like arguing the whole race thing. I’m a human being, period. My opinion, the more you start talking about it and demand recognition, the more divided things get. I could be wrong.

But I can’t ignore the fact that my nation is being shaken by it.

Sadly, no matter where a Latino American (born in the US) is placed, this minority lie, which is very conniving and sneaky, is taught and forced to be believed. Thus the Hispanic creates this downgraded, lower tier, undeserving image of themselves.

Now, you tell me how messed up that is.

Having children, I am accountable to help them NOT figure this out on their own. With a face that says I’m very much Hispanic, I can’t escape it like some of my Anglo looking amigos. So, I have a responsibility to educate, advocate, and model what it means to be human and Latino at the same time.

I’m a schmuck when it comes to politics and topics like this. That’s what you get when you never pay attention in civics and history class. Now, I have some homework to do.

Please read John Leguizamo New York Times article, Too Bad You’re Latin.

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