Believe In The Pen and Paper

A couple of months back, I began implementing a to-do list. After many trials and errors, I concluded to this: There’s no system better than the system you create for yourself. And you’ll be surprised to find out how simple, how caveman, that system can be.

Ok, maybe theres a few steps you need to consider before jumping in to the to-do list game. And believe you me, it’s no rocket science.

  • Number 1, believe in the pen and paper. It’s worked for ages and it will work today.
  • Number 2, carry the notebook/pad everywhere and do be afraid to scribble,  scrabble or draw. Get creative. Break the rules.
  • Number 3, scratch off what you’ve done, transfer over what you haven’t. Flip back some pages and see how great you’re doing.
  • Number 4, sit in the morning, night or any time and consolidate your ideas.

This is more common sense than a recommendation. But considering it took me a while to “get it,” this might save you some headaches.

Alright, so, here’s a rant.

Let’s not fake productivity, we see a lot of that happening in our times. Too many motivational quote posters, very little results posting. The to-do list does not exist to make you “more busy.” It’s there to keep you sane. Because, yes, it all boils down to do that. Sanity.

The paper will tell you the truth. It will scream at you if you’re doing too much, too little, not enough, or anything at all. You don’t have to buy in to a “proven system” or spend countless of hours re-inventing the wheel. The good old bullet/dash list still does the job.

Discipline is the key.