I know what broke feels like. Being in debt. Having that knot around your throat. The tension on your shoulders. Witnessing that insecure look in your spouse’s eyes.

I know what student loans, credit card debt, and medical bills taste like. It’s disgusting.

I know what eating rice and beans for a week straight is.

I know what having a four-year college degree and no job security sounds like. You too, believed in the system.

Perhaps, you’re not in poverty level. You have a decent job; living from pay check to pay check. From the outside, you look alright. You manage not to show much struggle. But on the inside, you know something is terribly wrong. You’re losing hope, the dream, and the desire to even try to beat this thing.

I know this mother load of stress takes a toll on your whole core of being human. It sure did on mine. My attitude, character, integrity, and security was everywhere.

But, I managed to survive. To stay connected to a fountain of promises. Promises of hope, opportunity, and blessing.

I don’t want to sound too hokey-pokey. But the bible is full of gold nuggets that can flip your life around.

No, you wont find a $100 dollar bill when you flip to Proverbs 16:16. But you’ll find:

How much better to get wisdom than gold. To get understanding is to be chosen further than silver.

What can you take from reading this? Does it speak to you?

You won’t get rich from reading the whole list of proverbs on prosperity. But you’ll have a rich mind, rich ideas, and rich thoughts. It’s the beginning to wealth — a by product of wisdom and understanding.

This helped me a lot. I want to share more of it. Let’s continue this conversation with another verse next time. #legacyseries

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  1. I know this feeling well too. I’ve had it happen twice in my life… the first time I had to move my pregnant wife into my parent’s house… where we lived in a small room over their garage.

    Those were dark and difficult days. God saved us.

    1. @John These are things that happen behind the curtain. The stuff that no one knows. People see the glory, but never know the true story.

      It’s tough to say God is good in a situation like this. But we learned so much from it. I can’t picture myself as Strong as I am now if it wasn’t because of that. So yeah, He’s good.

  2. I know the feeling of being adrift. As I have alluded to at the Desk Community, events out of my control spun me out of control. I left a teaching position at a university to do research but also to take care of family needs. In four-plus years there has been rape, breast cancer (and eventual death), a massive stroke (with severe loss of speech and communication, significant loss of motor skills), a triple bypass (successful), intense cancer surgery and radiation treatment (now in remission), two medium strokes/three “mini strokes” in a year (which led to two highly technical heart surgeries), job loss, cyberbullying (involving everybody from school authorities to the local police), money issues, and other odds and ends. Most recently, the sudden death of the beloved family dog.

    My HOW MUCH BETTER TO GET WISDOM THAN GOLD is something like — how much better is it to help people in time of extreme need than gold. Although a nugget here and there is nice.

    1. @Dan, you have a powerful story in your hands. I hope my writing didn’t come off as — “Life is easy. Trust in God.” It’s more like, “Life is not easy. It’s hard to trust in God. But, I do. This is my story how.

      I don’t have all the answers. Neither the dramatic or serious experiences like yours. But I have a fair share of stuff that makes me identify a bit with you.

      The beauty of bible verses is that it’s open to your interpretation. How do they speak to you? What do they mean? Run with it.

      I agree, it’s better to give than to receive.

  3. FIGHT! – That’s what just come to my mind. It’s about winning the battles that matter most. Not wanting to sound like an ad, but I’ve got the series by Craig Groeschel. You might want to borrow it and just go through the series…

    I’m just a bit ahead of you, and there IS light at the end of the tunnel…

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