Bye To Blog

I think I’ve come to the decision of letting go of the blog.

I’m not abandoning it completely. I’ll still be here. But I will not continue writing for the sake of “blogging”.

I can’t overwhelm myself in thinking, “what to blog next?” I must rest my mind in focusing on greater passions that will lead to me to create better stories.

Truthfully, I think I’m a horrible blogger. But this journey of blogging has helped me discover my voice. It’s been like therapy.

This place will no longer be a dedicated journal. I will continue with my rants and will never stop. Just that I refuse to carry the responsibility of ranting with a schedule.

I have so many goals to accomplish that I think blogging will just get in the way. Producing video and music has become a higher priority for me. It demands to be made with more consistency. My personal brand calls for me to get better in areas I’ve postponed too long to explore. It has to get done.

I’m sure this will not be the only thing I’ll let go. Some social media sites are getting annoying. I’ve let them go before and I don’t mind doing it again.

Because of my decision to go back to work, I don’t doubt that my site visits will increase. If so, it proves that I’m doing something right.

I read this today by Gary Vaynerchuck:

“If you want to be an “expert” in your craft you need to be in the trenches, day in and day out. You can’t just rely on modern day technology to build up your brand. The notion that people are leveraging these technologies and the brand equity of others to build their name is LAUGHABLE. You need to actually execute. You need to earn the opportunity to be a personal brand. You need to show them the proof. If you’re an actual expert the proof should be in your forethought, your wins, and your execution.”

I’m convinced. Works needs to get done.

I sure you that I will be doing something great. Something that I love. If you stay close, you will be a witness of a better version of me in the next upcoming months. Don’t go away too far. Support me as I dive in to Youtube with short films, “acting” performances, and showcase of my music.

My YouTube is definitly getting a reboot. It’s been on my mind.

So yeah.  I had a feeling this was coming. I was just too afraid to admit it. Again, like I said, I’ll continue updating my fellow readers in writing of what new projects I’ve done. The blog is not 100% dead. It’s being postponed for more important things. And thats about it.

Follow me on twitter or snapchat as I micro-blog tho: @josuemolinax.

I don’t know when I’ll write again. And that’s a good feeling right now.


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