Can’t Hold Back

I started this personal philosophy that if you want your art to get better, you have to put it out there. Perhaps your writing has tons of misspellings, grammatical errors, and doesn’t make much sense either. It happens to me, but it’s out there. Maybe your videos have horrible acting, storytelling, cinematography, and quality overall. It happens to me, but it’s out there. It could be that your music is not properly mixed, too short, or sounds horrible to begin with. That also happens to me, but it’s out there.  Honestly, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  What is art doing in a hard drive? How can you leave a legacy if something were to happen to You?  Creators create, but more importantly they show and share.  As your craft and mine gets better,  the delete button is only a click away for the old embarrassing stuff to be gone.

I know we artist battle daily with our taste. I’ve written about it plenty of times:

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