Your career is an important essential. All of them are. But this one is extra special. It stands out in public. It identifies you in society. It labels you and marks you before the crowd. Kind of like the old days. Baldemar, the Blacksmith. Jesus, the Carpenter. Whether you’re doing something momentarily, some will discard your passion and still refer you as “Bob, the guy who works at Best Buy.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with working there.)

When you network, your name and what it is that you do in life is pretty much what people only care about. Rarely do you see conversations where people ask for your name and then question your spirituality, family, or finances (at least at first). It’s weird.

“Hi, what’s your name?”


“How’s your spirituality?”



“Hi, what’s your name?”


“Great. Are you married? Or financially doing well?”


Now, thats a terrible conversation starter. You’ll probably think they’re either trying to hit on you or scam you.

The point is, our career is a big deal. And pretty much, makes us who we are. And we know this. We know this so bad, deep inside our spirits, that we make the maximum effort to change it, mold it, and become it.

But here’s the problem, we make too much of an effort. We overwhelm the plan. Complicate it. And become victim of a some type career gluttony. And I apologize if you’ve been reading my recent writings and if it appears too repetitive. It’s that I want to emphasize this month that all you need is one or two goals in this area for your life. Because there’s other parts of you that need your attention too. Note to self (as always).

Here’s my goal:

  • One short film a month.
  • One song a month.
  • Write everyday in this blog right here.

And even then, I feel its too much. But the beauty of this, my art, is that I’m trying extremely hard to converge them; discover my voice; and do better than last year. I’m not after quantity, but quality. If I need to revaluate and make one every two months, and write every other day so be it. But I’m looking for a growth plan, not a goal plan.

How do you want to feel next year when you look back AT this one?

Let me tell you. Last year, I made zero films. This year I started with one and a soundtrack to go along with it. Last January, I wrote one post for the entire month. This January I have six, counting this one.

I’m after a growth plan. I’m after a simple plan. It’s not easy. But it’s healthier. It’s harder, way harder. But it’s more rewarding.

Now, what’s your career goal? Can you say it one sentence? Is it measurable? Does it challenge you? Are you passionate about it? If not, then what on earth are you doing?

[This is part of The Essentials series]

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