Facebook Video Update and TV App

It’s always nice to see Facebook bring something new to their platform. Especially when it’s video related. My favorite feature, by far, is the full screen vertical view and the watch and scroll feature we’re all use to seeing on Netflix.

But the greatest news of them all …Facebook is finally rolling out with their Facebook app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and much more. Finally! Facebook is coming to the big screen. How exciting for us content creators.

Final Cut Pro

There was a major update release for Final Cut Pro on October 27,2016. This new version, 10.3, was made available at the Mac App Store immediately after the announcement. Along with the update was news on the MacBook Pro’s Touchbar, the new features coming to Apple TV and more. I really didn’t go Apple fan boy crazy on this event, compared to the jaw opening reaction I had when I saw the new Microsoft Surface Studio!! What a way to step up the game. But the new interface, magnetic timeline 2, color science stuff, the integration of the touchbar, and the new Flow transition on the new Final Cut Pro (they got rid of the “X”) did make me happy. Really happy actually.

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Facebook On Your TV

Don’t know how different this is from AirPlay but this is just another sign that Facebook is improving more and more on their video features. Which is great news. This is why I’m betting on them. Not only that, I already consider them as my main video platform.