It’s About The People

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.” Stephen King

We can’t build a great story with out building relationships. If life was all about events and thrills that you and I have only experienced alone — that will be pretty miserable. A boring story, I’ll say.

I need you, you need me. If not me, then somebody out there does. People matter. Our life must be character-driven. 

Who Are They?

“As a storyteller, you are a servant of your story, not the master. You must do what it requires, not what you want to do. You must remove your ego from it. Art is not to show people who you are; it is to show people who they are.” Brian Mcdonald

My Storytelling Giants

Good artist copy, great artist steal – Pablo Picasso
While studying storytelling, I’ve come to realize that I must become an old soul to understand it’s power. Reason is, there’s barely any current films with good stories out there. It’s overwhelmed by effects and other non-sense.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But if I had to chose, I’ll choose story.
With that said,  I made a list of storytelling craftsmen I must research and learn about. These are my storytelling giants.

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