Good Work Doesn’t Just Happen

Good work doesn’t just happen. Even the stories and songs you and I loved the most were once thoughtfully and carefully planned. So, why do we expect sometimes for creative things to just happen on their own? As if the universe guarantees and rewards us with great work at command?

Creating is not for the lazy and unprepared. And the universe promises nothing. Who are we kidding? We know what we need to do.

The Microphone And Me

Stage fright is my worst problem. – Andrea Bocelli

My mother used to work at an adult day care center back in the 80’s. If anyone knew the smell of old people, that was me. And I got to experience that an early age too. The wet kisses, the hand shaking of cold wrinkly hands, and pinch on the cheeks. All of it.

I was fortunate enough to go visit more than usual with my mom. I must of been three or four around the time. I don’t remember much. But I do remember this scene: The day Bozo the Clown stuck a microphone on my face.

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