The Microphone And Me

Stage fright is my worst problem. – Andrea Bocelli

My mother used to work at an adult day care center back in the 80’s. If anyone knew the smell of old people, that was me. And I got to experience that an early age too. The wet kisses, the hand shaking of cold wrinkly hands, and pinch on the cheeks. All of it.

I was fortunate enough to go visit more than usual with my mom. I must of been three or four around the time. I don’t remember much. But I do remember this scene: The day Bozo the Clown stuck a microphone on my face.

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Learning To Dance

After a watching a full playlist of robot dance videos on YouTube, I was reminded of the time I was in middle school when I wanted to learn how to break dance. Lucky for me, I had a neighbor who knew how. Chris was his name and every afternoon he would bring a big piece of cardboard to my backyard to teach me the basics. But that didn’t last too long. Sadly, he was two years ahead me. He moved on to high school, the breakdance fad died, and I moved on to the next trend — finding a way to purchase a Gigapet.

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What I Did With October 2016

October 2016 was a special month for me. It was a month of clarity. I was able to do a lot of emotional and psychological digging. It was also a month of celebration, restoration, and revamping. My writing, aside from the internet stuffwas very deep and true. It actually set a different tone to this blog. I feel more comfortable and fluid with my words and expressions. “It’s like you’re talking to me,” most of my friends say. Even with the latest and new vlog post. They feel I’m there. Now, I’m wondering what’s beyond that? There’s definitely some hurdles I need to overcome. This is just the beginning. If you haven’t read any of my post, check out the links below.

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Terrible Is Not That Bad

There’s numerous of things that I’m terrible at. Cooking, drawing, grammar, remembering names, and trying to be funny. Because when you try too hard, it’s just doesn’t come out right. For instance, I’m terrible at small talk, networking, keeping a conversation going, and expressing myself comfortably to strangers — just plain-old bad at talking. I don’t know what it is. I get the nerves, my brain wires cross each other, I stutter my words, hesitate and map internally how I’m going to say my sentences thus overthinking my responses. This is why I avoid debates, arguing, or even saying anything when I’m pissed off because it just gets worst and I literally come out looking stupid.

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