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As a kid, you think you know the meaning of family but you don’t know enough until you start your own. Sure, Mom and Dad taught you a thing or two about it. But, again, life has a funny way to teach you that you have a lot more to learn.  And it seems that you never stop learning. So, I’m on a continuous mission to become a better father and husband everyday. Some days, I fail. Other days, you can probably label me as the worst dad of the day. Then I remember, “Hey, I’m still learning. I’m still getting used to this husband-dad thing.” I give my apologies. I share my hugs and kisses and explain to my lovely ladies that I need them more than ever — to join me as well in this life lesson called family. 

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I’m A Musician

Most of you don’t know this. I’m a musician. A drummer by trade. Being doing it for about 15+ years. I consider myself intermediate. I sound pretty good. The simpler the groove the better. I like keeping it tight. That pocket groove you know? Letting silence do its magic.

I wish you can feel what I feel when I play. Nothing else matters. I disconnect. And if I’m accompanied by other musicians, it’s heaven –good musicians that is. But 5 years ago or so, it all went downhill.

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Commercials like this hit home. And I think thats the point. If a product can reach home with it’s story, it’s welcomed to the family. All of sudden, you believe, assume, and are positive that the product is a necessity in your life. It will solve a problem. Probably make you happier, richer, and modern. You believe the story. You believe the lie as Seth Godin would put it in All Marketers are liars Tell Stories. Maybe not this particular product for you. Perhaps something else.

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June 15, 1986

The day I was born, Father’s Day. Do I remember much of it? Like many of you, not really. I can assure you that it was a day of mixed emotions. What a special gift for dad — his first son! What a relief for my mother after a complicated labor. It was worth it, I’ll say.

Twenty eight years have passed since that day. Another Father’s Day to celebrate with an extra punch. Not only do I have my old man to embrace but a little girl to carry around with my birthday cone hat. I’m not sure when the calendar will give me this double whammy again. It feels awesome. Sucks I only get one gift though, people save money with me. But gifts are over rated. As I get older, I’m just happy to see that I’m granted another year of living. Life is all around me. Death can happen any minute. As I celebrate birth, I’m just amazed of how good God is. Man.

Happy Birth-Father’s Day to me.


The Love of Daddy

Nothing can replace the love of a father. And sadly, they’re many who’ve never experienced it.

I, for one, am super blessed to have a one year old daughter. A beautiful, tiny, curly haired girl named Zoey steals my heart everyday and challenges me to be the best daddy I can be. Sometimes, I don’t know where that love comes from. It’s so real, warm, and untaught. I question it. It can’t be retained. It needs to go out! And soon you’ll realize that there is plenty to go around.  Continue reading “The Love of Daddy”