Dreams of Wars Soundtrack

I may not be writing much here on the blog. Which hurts my soul. Shame on me. But I am making music. Here’s my approach of making some kind of cinematic drums build up.

More of this coming soon. More writing too hopefully.

Miami Rise Soundtrack

Just finished this soundtrack. It’s another free download for anyone who wants it. Just go in to Soundcloud and get it from there. Thanks for listening. Now, let’s jump back and make another one!

Cloud Nine [Music Video]

I was thinking, why not put some of my music experiments up on Youtube? Maybe it can lead to something. I was able to toy around with some cool particle effects. I thought the soundtrack Cloud Nine will be a great match for it. Nothing fancy. But I definitely want to go this route — add more visuals to my music and more of my music to my visuals. It only makes sense. This means that it will take longer to release stuff. I’m okay with that. It’s fun. I have more songs to put out there. The more I release stuff the better I want to get. I love the challenge.

Being on  SoundCloud is not enough. In fact, I’m experimenting with uploading the videos straight to Facebook as well to see how the goes for me. Anyways, this track is a free download. Enjoy it.