Family Park Day, Camera For Vlogging, And Slow Motion – Vlog 002

So, here it is — Video blog 002. In this episode, I quickly highlight my weekend with the family, show off the camera I use for vlogging and experiment a bit with the camera’s slow-motion (high speed) feature.

I started editing this video Saturday evening with one thing in mind, “How can I make this different?” Different enough where it won’t delay my work, and different enough to make it stand out. Because one, I can’t conform in just being one more vlogger. So, from a technical aspect, I started testing camera transitions techniques, that I picked up by modern and young filmmakers like Zach King and Matty Brown, thinking that this will be a very cool and experimental way to stitch story clips together. And to my surprise it was. 

Pretty much what I did here was  sprinkle 1 frame of  a video clip (almost three at a time) In between the cuts, especially for the videos that started or ended with a hard pan,  to create some type of jarring transition blended with a swoosh or ambient sound effect. What’s the point of that? I don’t know. It’s different. It works. And it still feels seamless. 

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Hello To Vlog

Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear – MICHAEL HYATT

I’m keeping my word. I’m staying away from blogging. But I never said I won’t ever try VLOGGING. Wink wink.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. It just so happens that January 1, 2016 seemed like a great day to start.  I have mixed feelings about it. I got the bug and I’m full emotion to try this everyday. But I’m holding my horses and sticking to the plan — once a week. 

I do want to try a 10 Day Vlog Challenge though, sometime next week or two with local creative peeps. It’s a great way to beef up the Youtube channel and push hard on the brand. Maybe a great time for collabs. Let’s see.

So, I just finished editing and uploading VLOG 001. How do I feel? Nervous, afraid, and happy. Nervous and afraid because I don’t know what friends will think? What about my parents? Do I look and sound silly or the contrary? Do I sound like I’ve done this before? Am I interesting? These questions will kill me if I keep meditating on them. But I won’t. I’m happy I was able to share my story, my intentions, my journey, and my voice — with the worst camera angle.  Continue reading “Hello To Vlog”