Cinema 4D

There hasn’t been a better time to learn 2D and 3D animation. If you’re a filmmaker, this should be part of your arsenal. Be the next the Gareth Edwards (a self proclaimed jack of all trades)if you can. The guys as Greyscale Gorilla is offering a free 18 part series Introduction to Cinema 4D. I’m new to this as much as some of you are. Good thing for us that we now have the internet. We seriously have everything in a platter. So go ahead and grab it.

Since toying around with Cinemaware (a Cinema 4D plugin for After Effects), a whole new world was introduced to me. With a little push from my day job, the world of animation has consumed me these past few weeks. I’ve been literally devouring everything that has to do with it. Illustration, motion graphics, traditional 2D animation, 3D and  other things you’ve been witnessed of in my VFX/Animation category. I honestly don’t know where this is taking me. All I know, I’ve taken Ward Kimball’s advice to heart.

“What I am trying to say is that becoming an animator [artist] is a growth process that involves basic curiosities for all things, because man, animation [art] is just not making things move [or sound], it is THINKING, THINKING, THINKING! You can’t know enough about everything. Curiosity is the key word. See everything! Do everything!”

I don’t see any of this as a deviation of my craft but a supplement. I know learning about storytelling, writing, character development, cinematography, editing, music, marketing and now VFX can be overwhelming. But I’m counting numbers in my head, it’s been years of learning. And it will never stop. The goal is not to master any, but to acquire as many tools as possible to tell an amazing story. Well, I’ll like to master to story if I had a choice. 🙂

Thank you to the teachers at Greyscale Gorilla. For your passion, dedication, and heart of teacher.

Go check out the free 18 part Introduction to Cinema 4d.

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