Classic Movies

I’ve taken a big interest on Classic movies. And by classics, I mean before the 70’s or B.S –Before Star Wars.

It took a while to appreciate. Can’t lie, I was bit reluctant at first. Then I convinced my that as a visual storyteller I have a duty to learn about the movie industry. I did fall asleep a lot during Film History class, so there’s tons of catching up to do. But it’s amazing what you can find when dig in to this one hundred year old art form.

I know these movies carry gold with them. Nuggets that will enhance and enrich any filmmaker in story, history, drama, technique, and knowledge. It’s just of matter of sitting down — sucking up the black and white, old school acting (before method acting), the old timey language (transatlantic accents) and music of the time. With practice, you won’t see that anymore. Just like how I don’t mind the subtitles on a old kung fu movie! I just see a film. A movie worth watching. A story that withstood the test of time and evolution.