Coming Up With Ideas

Coming up with new ideas is tough. It’s even discouraging at times. Sitting in front of blank canvas of some kind, and for ideas not to flow as you expect it is devastating.

Like any artist, I desire to write and create fresh material everyday. Not once in a blue moon, I want to be consistent at it; making it a routine; and part of my creative nature or whatever you want to call it. I want to be an “idea” man. Whether it’s music or film. I want to bring something new to table like every true creative should. I want to make doable things happen — sure it’s cool to come up with the impossible. Anybody can do that. But what can I do now with my limitations? — I want to wake up with a possible story, a catchy tune, a crazy drum beat, an awesome action scene and bring it to life. I’m tired of being stuck.

Then I realized, I don’t want it bad enough.

I’ve been entertained. Perhaps a bit mediocre about it. Too passive. Still in the dream-stage. Maybe I got stuck in the “collecting information” or research mode. Yeah, I think that’s it.

I wrote a business plan. It was perfect. But I forgot about it. In it, I re-worked my vision. Redefined myself as an artist, musician, and filmmaker. Targeted specific niches of the craft. But, I didn’t make it habit to live by it. I was consumed by the pleasures of this world — tv, laziness, and the worries of life. Again, I didn’t want it bad enough.

I convinced myself, “every idea needs a theme.” It needs to speak to the world and to me. It needs to teach something. The idea needs to express the very essence of being human.  Or it just needs to simply entertain. I used this strategy a lot to spark some ideas. But I didn’t want it bad enough; so it withered and died.

I feared the possibility of failure, instead of taking the opportunities of success. And by this I mean that I fed the creative-monster- appetite with small microwave ideas because I hated the silence of nothing. I had to create noise, to prove I’m a busy man. But it was all cheap and an illusion of art.

I bought the how to books, signed up to every influential online human being of the things I do, and even made a firm decision to discontinue my business due to this dream. As a result, I’ve produced very little. Because, well as you know, I just didn’t wan’t it bad enough.

I started coveting the things I couldn’t have and afford, and spent so much time planning for it. I was lying to myself that this THING will make my idea come true. Silly me forgets, “I make my ideas come true”.  Honestly, with the very little I have, I can do so much damage that I take it for granted.

Sure, I have in my notes with plenty of tips of how to stimulate the brain for ideas. But it’s there, in my notes. That’s all.

You might ask, “Well, is this your passion if you’re stagnant about it?” Yes, it is! I dream about it all the time. I make it happen very little.

I’m no satisfied with my hustle. Because there is none.

Time to get intentional.