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For years, I’ve had the comment section off on my blog due to spam and the prevention of being discouraged by low community engagement. It’s kind of the same thing of what’s happening with social media. If we’re not getting the modern social signals like thumbs up, hearts, likes, smileys or whatever, we conclude that’s something is wrong and we get bummed out by it. And this can be a terrible thing if your career relies heavily on the internet as a marketing tool. If it doesn’t, seriously, get a life.

Earlier in my blogging days, not getting a comment for a post I spent countless of hours on, really did hurt. Is anyone paying attention. But I quickly noticed this was the wrong approach to creation. For those that who have matured and grown in branding, the lack of engagement simply means that’s there’s work to do. Tons of it.

Even at this stage, I have tons of improving to do with my brand. I’m not going to lie. This website needs some love. But now that I have more control of my time and have really concentrated on the direction of where I want to take things, it will be great to spice things up here again like the old times. I’m trusting my gut here.

I’m always down for a blog face light and re-focus on thematic conversations. But if you’d followed me in the past, this will not deviate from what this site is meant to be —  my personal space.

So, I encourage all of you to post a comment, ask questions, say hi or invite me to what you’re doing online (that’s always fun to see).

One thing to note, the old blog post will have the comments off. It only makes sense to me. We’re starting with a blank slate.

Alright let’s do this.

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  1. Josue, I turned mine off for the same reasons. And when I posted it to my social networks, no one left a comment hardly a like. But I wasn’t writing for them, I was writing for myself because I needed to get it out. Sometimes, I am under so much mental pressure and to feel relaxed more, I need to express ideas that come from my passions. I “hang out” with people who are genuine and keep trying, by collecting and reading the thoughts of others, that relaxes me and inspires me to do better.

    1. Hi Daniel. I think I could say the same thing. Like you, my goal was to discover my creative voice and really improve my writing skills. I look back and can say I have grown a lot. Despite I still write a bunch of typos and stuff. Lol. But hey, you can’t win them all. Turning off comments had its purpose and who knows, maybe the decision of doing it again will come back. For now, I want to grow and connect with a like-minded community. There’s no rush. But a strategy will be set in place. If you think about it, we’re exposing ourselves as it is by writing online. Personal blogging makes us vulnerable because we choose to expose things of ourselves to strangers. In a sense, we’re welcoming their feedback — whether its good or bad. We must be prepared and matured of taking this huge responsibility.

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