In this short comedy, Julio has a confession to make to his two friends, Dan and Alex. Things get heated after they take a wild guess. Is Julio Gay? This not being the case, they find out what the real confession is all about and so the suspicion begins – which of the two is the father of Julio’s baby?

Ok, so finally, a short film I was able to do with the Valiant Group team this year. On top of wanting to launch my own studio space, the following goal was to get back on the movie making wagon. And here we are.

The script didn’t take too long to write. I thought about the concept a month ago. And in just one night sitting, I put the story together. The timing was perfect because during it was when I met Chris Anthony Ferrer and Lazz Mota (the actors in the movie).

I’ve mentioned before how I really wanted to dive in to acting – aside from just producing and directing. I’m really engulfed by it. So much, that I began taking coaching lessons. I’m proud to say that I was even considered to act in a feature film – which we already wrapped this past week. Amazing right? And to think, this is only the beginning.

I want to give you some numbers of what it took to make this short. First off, I wasn’t afraid of passing the script around for feedback. Instantly the people loved it, so I took it as a good sign. I hope they were being honest. It took one day of rehearsal with the actors, the following day I did some pre-production with the cinematographer, and we shot it the week after on a Friday night. 8pm-1am to be exact. We kept things minimal and basic. We really didn’t focus too much on the details or “artistic approach.” My ultimate objective was to finally get something done. I wanted this project out of my system.

In total, we did about 14 takes, 7 angles, and it took a 6 man team to get it done. Me, two actors, cinematographer, camera assistant, and a sound guy. These were the essentials for this particular project. Now, is it perfect? Nope. Do I see flaws in it? Yep. Am I happy? You bet I am.

It took me about a week to edit. I worked on a temp track to get the tone of the comedy, and it took Jorge (the sound guy) 4 hours to mix and fix as much of the audio as possible.

We don’t have the best gear, I can tell you that. But, we have enough to get away with something that passes as good. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I like mediocrity or consider this production bad. Just that there were other priority it my checklist that made me consider this a success. You see, in this production I saw potential and talent that are on the verge of explosion. These guys are committed. And I take that and run with it. I’m ready to make all the mistakes now, all the hate now, all the hiccups, headaches, and more need to happen sooner or later. This is the beginning of it and we are not afraid of making it public. You will witness our growth.

More stories are on the way. And I can’t wait to produce them Confession style but better..and better..and better.

Here’s a real confession. Directing and acting is only for the crazy ones. My mind was going 100 MPH in this production. I had nerves, knots in my stomach, and all types of mixed emotion — fear, joy, and hunger (that’s not really an emotion). But these guys made it worth while.

The total budget was about $150 (drinks, food, music track, and etc).

Honestly, I don’t know why we chose Funny or Die to showcase this film. It was a gut feeling. It’s a great platform. No option for monetization, but definitely an opportunity for exposure. The views keep growing and that makes us smile.

I really hope you enjoy this comedy. Reach out to me if you like it. More importantly, hit the Funny bar below the video for to get our video pushed to audience.