Confused And Close To Giving Up

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us  to a new path – Walt Disney

Don’t, just don’t. If you started with a good idea, push forward. It might be that “good” turned in to impossible, time consuming, challenging, or it’s just not for me. Well, if you’ve realize that it’s not for you, then congrats on taking the initiative of figuring that out at least. So now you won’t regret it the rest of you life asking “what ifs…”

But what if it is for you and your just putting excuses again? Hmm. 

You’re confused. You told your peers about it. Probably even bought a note book for it and a special blue pen.  Scribbled, scrabbled, and doodled everywhere. Stayed up endless nights, just to figure out, it was bigger than what you expected. Yeah, you stumbled upon this: it’s not easy. 

Of course, if not everyone will be doing. How cliche.

But how cliche it is to give up and not wait. 

Be patient. Stay Curious.


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