The Creative Frustration

I’m comparing my terrible first-attempt designs to the beautiful work I’m stumbling upon in Tumblr. I think it’s just plain dumb to keep doing that. And us creatives, keep doing it so often. Hindering our health, growth, and success as a creator. Will we ever be satisfied? Will we ever be good? I’ve dealt with this issue more than once. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s the closest thing to depression, I think.

It’s frustrating. Not knowing enough. And the restrictions of time! Hate it.

I think this is when we have to accept, we can’t do everything. We can’t know everything or enough. We will never be as our taste. Our taste will always a be a step ahead.

Will we ever reach a satisfaction of our work? Aesthetically? I think so.

Will it happen now or tomorrow for those starting off. No.

The brain needs to be reprogrammed. The heart needs to learn to celebrate the small successes. We have to lose the fear of sharing our mistakes, our first-attempts. Let the people see our growth.

We deal with pride everyday don’t we. We hate and fear the someone is out there better and more talented you. Making more success than you. We cringed to find out that someone who knows less and does less, is more influential than you. Why is the world weird this way?

It’s all about who you know, the industry says. I think it’s more how well do you know yourself. Your limitations, strengths, personality, and weakness. How can you leverage from who you already are? Because we want to be someone! But we are somebody already. How can our now become influential? Tomorrow and perfection is an illusion. An insult to God, in my opinion, when we don’t know what’s to come.

Just make. Plain and simple. Just share. Live today. Create today.

I’ve been using Tumblr a lot lately. I’m not really posting anything. I just been liking a lot of stuff in there. The work that you find is amazing. So much art, paintings, designs, and inspiration. I’m blown away of how many fans, artists, and creators exist in that platform.

Think if Twitter and Instagram had a baby. That’s how Tumblr looks or works. I mean, that’s my impression. Anyways, theres no serious move of making that my main platform. It’s just a wonderful place to get inspired. And to share my experimental stuff. Kind of like Soundcloud for music.

My Tumblr:

Here’s just a little of the stuff I’ve been loving to see.

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