The Love of Daddy

Nothing can replace the love of a father. And sadly, they’re many who’ve never experienced it.

I, for one, am super blessed to have a one year old daughter. A beautiful, tiny, curly haired girl named Zoey steals my heart everyday and challenges me to be the best daddy I can be. Sometimes, I don’t know where that love comes from. It’s so real, warm, and untaught. I question it. It can’t be retained. It needs to go out! And soon you’ll realize that there is plenty to go around. 

little zoey

And for those, again, who’ve never experienced it. Does it become harder? Giving something that you’ve never received. I’m not sure. I have no doubt there’s some struggle. Daddy issues are real, deep, and sensitive. It trickles down from generation to generation until it’s placed to a stop and it encounters a change of patterns. Will you be that change if this is you?

My father wrote me a letter once (afraid of telling me his pain in person). I remembered clearly reading, “my dad never showed loved me. So I have trouble showing love to you.” My 15 year old couldn’t comprehend it. But now, it’s beginning to make sense.

Is this an excuse not to love or try? Will he just set for that and continue with his ways. Will I be a product of the same thing? Many questions hit me as I continued reading the letter in tears.

I decided to forgive, understand, and try again (every chance I get and not just once). I empty myself and started a new chapter with him, when ever needed. I can see how much of effect this has on my relationship with my daughter (it grows stronger).

Are things different and better? It’s a work in progress.

Is it at the level I desire it to  be? We’re talking years of damage under repair. I’m patient.

What now? Keep identifying crippled areas in my life that needs restoration, pray, and begin to do what’s never been done. Love like crazy.

The daddy road has not been easy. But it’s the best road any man can be in.

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