Dealing With Rejection

Dear blog, I feel like I’ve been ignoring you. That’s because I have. I know our relationship has been a back and forth thing, but I promise we’ll make things right.

On todays video blog, I talk about Rejection. How I’ve dealt with it and how it drives me. Like many, I dealt with low self esteem and countless of rejections in my creative life. But rather than cry about it, it’s been a tool to fire me up to prove to myself (not anybody but me) that I can do and be better. I hold no grudges, beef, or resentments with anyone. Teachers, classmates, and x-bosses I forgive you. Of course, it hurts. But thats part of the process. Luckily for me, I’ve always kept a fountain of inspiration – church sermons and motivational books mostly. They did me good. They’ve kept me up. But how easy it is to go back to the pain and get the good ol’ cuddle and you’ll be ok treatment. No body has time for that. Life is too short. Rejection never stops honestly. But good news, I will never stop getting better either. So, I reject rejection. No, I embrace it and use it to my advantage. But God knows, I am where I am because of the people who have said “no” to me or simply ignored me. Thank you for making assumptions, judgments, and the “right choice.”

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