December 7, 1941

I was sitting on my couch, comfortable, drinking a cold chocolate milk. The War, a film by Ken Burns, was next in my queue for me to watch on Netflix. I hit play. At first, I was in shock to see that this was a two hour documentary. Nobody has time for that! But the first ten minutes changed my mind. It brought to memory of how ignorant I was in middle school — refusing to pay attention in history class. The little bit I knew of Pearl Harbor was when Ben Affleck was in it. How sad. And after watching the horrors and sacrifices these men and women made in that time, made me realize that the least I can do is to educate myself about it. 

These past two years I’ve considered history so much. I’ve embraced it. From the bible to classical movies, to musicians and filmmakers. How important it is to look back at those giants — the people who paved the way and pioneered the very same thing you want to do.

I apologize to my history teachers, whatever their names where. I hope you’re having better luck with this generation.

Watch this as to why Ken Burns produced The War.

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