Learn By Dissecting

You’ll never learn a song just by listening to it. You can do so a thousand times, but you will miss out on something special if you don’t dissect it. I know this by experience. Every time I’m required to learn a song for performance purposes, I see myself spending hours taking notes on a song that’s probably only 3-5 minutes. This task never is not as pleasing as you think it is. Especially if it’s more than one song. ┬áThe process is painstakingly annoying. It’s pause and play, rewind, forward, pause and play almost every second. As an artist, even if it’s not your material, you want the sounds completely cloned (you want to become that artist) unless otherwise when rehearsal comes. Whether it’s for personal gratification or to simply to get the job done, it’s a huge sacrifice. That’s the price we pay for the art. We surrender our time, life, and humble ourselves to imitate someone’s work that has gone up the ranks of mastery, fame, and entertainment.

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