Drive Away

Today, I wanted to drive away. For a split second, I set my eyes to the horizon. I gripped tight to the steering wheel. The noise of the world, specifically traffic, faded in to silence. I was convinced. Nothing stood in my way. I’m off.

I had everything I needed. My wife and daughter played together in the backseat. As if in slow motion, all I heard and saw through the rear view mirror was the voice of my daughter and the laughter of my wife. This is perfect. Can this moment just loop forever?

The sun blazed really orange today. Like always, just that today I noticed it.

I smiled at the thought. “What if?” I imagined. Where to?

But then I realized, I’m at the place where I would run away to.

I don’t know why the idea came to mind. Am I seeking for an adventure? Maybe. It made realize though, an adventure with out my loved ones would mean nothing.

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