Any one who’s a parent can relate to this (like I have with other videos).  Having a one year old baby, this animation kinda gives me that lump on the throat feeling. It’s real and nothing can stop it, my little girl will one day be a beautiful grown woman. She will be that young lady falling in love with a man that’s not me. Grrr. It will be a different kind of love. It’s a bit ridiculous to think about this now. I should be thinking about her college fund. Regardless, this is every father’s nightmare.

My duty will be to teach her what type of love to look for. Maybe not by instruction, but through modeling. I have to love her mother everyday. Constantly, dancing our duet. Sharing that pure, innocent, and holy type of love. I hope my little girl can see and want that in her life too. If not, we’re going to have problems.

Geesh, being a dad is a tough role.

Gleen Keane’s The Duet is an amazing piece of work. It’s not your typical 3D rendered animation. This is creativity pushed to the max — both technically and  artistically. I simply love how programmers and the artist united in this project. This is how it should be. If you enjoyed the short, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the behind the scenes.

Resource: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/shorts/watch-glen-keanes-new-google-short-duet-100828.html

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