Ed Catmull

“We’re making films that touch the world.”

Ed Catmull, President of Walt Disney Animation and Pixar, launched his book: Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration — which I’m anxious to get.

I’m a Pixar fan. And I love how they operate business. I remember once looking for available internships there. Specifically, film editing roles. In my wild imagination, I even started projecting for the lifestyle and cost of living at Emeryville, California. I guess it was just a phase. Can you imagine how fun it will be working there? The workplace probably makes you  feel like a kid again.

After watching The Pixar Story, a documentary of their humble beginnings, I got to witness how people like Ed Catmull, George Lucas, Steve Jobs, John Lasseter, and more served as key elements in the formation of the company. Yeah, that made me want to be there even more! It’s like, who wouldn’t want to work at Apple or  Google? But whatever, I scratched that idea and decided to become an entrepreneur.  A maker of my own movies.

If you haven’t read the book, like me, I recommend you check these videos out to get a taste. And if you want to work at Pixar (I don’t anymore, psshh.), I highly recommend you take listen to Pixar Post’s Pixar Pipeline Project series (about seven interviews  of artists from each department that are currently working there).

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