Film Distribution Is Being Disrupted

This is great stuff. And it’s true what Ted says. I personally don’t think people are looking for “relationships” in a movie product. But the whole “what’s in it for me” has become stronger. I believe the audience wants more bang for their buck. The shift from big screen to digital/social has given a whole new meaning to consumption of media. In a good way. Rather than take your movie through a traditional route (which is very tedious and close to impossible), you can now target and build communities and bring people to you. If we’re building communities, then I can see where the whole “relationship” falls under. But honestly, people like my father or mother are not seeking out these community channels where new movies are appearing. They want a movie handed to them on DVD, Netflix, or YouTube. TV consoles have made it possible for these community channels to reach the non-techy audience. Still, it lacks engagement and that community feeling. Regardless, this change means wonderful opportunities for the artist. And following up with what Gary Vaynerchuck said, “I think every [social] platform is going to be a media company…” I believe social media will become that missing link we indie producers have been waiting for. Check out more videos below…

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