Facebook’s Problem and Potential For Video Content Creators

We all know, Facebook is the king of user data. For brands wanting to reach their audience with video, this is actually great. For independent video content creators making money from their videos, not so much.

If you study your audience insights, upload the correct way, and market well – everyone is somewhat guaranteed exposure. You’ll have a heck of a reach. But not everyone gets a piece of the pie ($$$). Call this profit sharing, monetization, or ad revenue. The independent creators are not getting a dime, yet.

It’s good news to hear that Facebook started a profit sharing program with some well known video partners. I don’t know the details of how that’s working. Rumor has it that if all goes well by the end the year, we might be seeing some changes with this revenue sharing dilemma.

What can we expect? Perhaps some type of contentID system or a partnership program. Would they pay well? Will they be stricter with the freebooting problem creators has be fighting Facebook with? Again, I don’t know. There’s a lot things they need to fix first before becoming a real competition for YouTube, but they are a threat.

Don’t Give Up On Facebook’s Video Platform

I still upload my content there. I don’t have to. Knowing how Facebook’s algorithm favors native content, it is smart move though. Plus, I’m not really making money from my videos in this early stage. My goal is exposure, reach, and brand awareness. You can do that with what exist now on Facebook.

I patiently wait until for Facebook’s video platform to mature, evolve, and pay. This will be some good times. I know there’s still much to learn when it comes to using Facebook’s Ads and using strategies like Dark Post (unpublished posts that promotes outside your community). Maybe them my opinion will be different. Trust me, I’m on it.

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