Facebook’s Video Crossposting Feature

Crossposted videos are a new way for publishers to easily crosspost videos within and across Pages owned by the same Business Manager (our tool that helps publishers manage multiple Pages). With this tool and the accompanying insights update, publishers can now avoid reuploading videos and also see total performance insights for a video. – Facebook

It’s Not New, But It Is Better

This is a really cool feature I first got to experience with Funny Or Die’s video platform. Now it’s available on Facebook. If you’re a solo video creator, you’ve probably starred in collaborative videos where everyone are soloists as well. And as you may know, for certain projects there’s always that weird decision of who’s going to host the video? And having one person hosting is not the answer — if you’re concerned about monetization and exposure analytics.

This is where the crossposting feature comes in. Read about it (click the links below). Now everyone has access to insights and metrics stuff without the need of duplicating, copying, or cloning the same video in the same platform.

Don’t get too excited. It’s still a young feature, very much like every video tool in Facebook.

Crossposting Video Guide

Crossposting Feature Is Great For Media Teams

It’s nice to see this feature available for smaller independent publishers. There’s still some limitations, but it’s evolving. If you manage multiple pages, like me who runs my personal brand and studio page, this might work really well for you. In the case of my short film, Confession, the video is now available to me, my studio, and actors as one video in each individual page sharing the same views and etc.

There’s some tweaks you have to do in the settings and the backend of each video, but nothing you can’t figure out. Just make sure, who ever you’re sharing this with is aware of the steps they need to take for an effective video distribution.

What are your thoughts? Any way you think this will be useful?


  • Crossposting Video Product Guide: goo.gl/y0rIqD
  • Facebook’s Media Overview: goo.gl/UtW74a
  • Announcing New Features For Crossposting Videos:
  • Videos uploaded after March 24, 2016 can be reused and crossposted on Facebook.


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