Film Directing and Creative Career Tips

Here’s a post a I originally wrote in Medium.

I started meditating on somethings I learned in my creative journey that I would of loved knowing a lot earlier in my younger years. Being an indie artist, a freelancer, an employee, an entrepreneur, husband and dad — you learn a thing or two about life and the creative career. So, I started a little hashtag rant on my twitter, just sharing #filmdirectingtips that popped in to mind. In reality, this applies to any artist. With that said, I hope some of these tips shines some light on you creative journey. I go back to them and beat myself up from time to time when I don’t follow my own advice. It happens.

  • Look around you. Notice the details
  • Listen to the inner workings of music. How it influences the soul.
  • A team will make your dream film happen, share with them your vision way before it becomes a script. Get their input.
  • Be involved in every department in the craft of filmmaking. What do you need to learn more about next?
  • Understand storytelling. Learn it by doing good and bad ones. Put them out there.
  • The best camera is the one you have, or the cheapest one you can rent without breaking the bank.
  • Good actors with good performances makes directing a breeze in production.
  • Don’t follow the trend. Don’t rush your film. Shape it well enough to release it when you’re ready.
  • Film marketing is not only about your movie idea. It’s about you. Brand your intentions, theme, and seek a community.
  • If your spouse is not on board with your movie idea, you’re in for a big surprise.
  • There’s no shame in having a bad film (or several). It’s a shame not having made one or more than one.
  • One filmmaking book is enough, go shoot something(s) then hit the books and repeat.
  • Try photography. If you can tell a story with one frame, you can then tell powerful ones with 24.
  • You need a local marketing strategy. Meet creators just like you in town.
  • As my screenwriting teacher once said, “go live a little then write scripts.”
  • Studying movies is an amazing excuse to watch them. Don’t get sucked in by it, make your own.
  • Study people, light, color, and yourself everyday.
  • Filmmakers are not your target audience.
  • Write. Not necessarily screenplays. But express yourself. Tell stories.

There’s  a lot more where that came from.

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