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There was a major update release for Final Cut Pro on October 27,2016. This new version, 10.3, was made available at the Mac App Store immediately after the announcement. Along with the update was news on the MacBook Pro’s Touchbar, the new features coming to Apple TV and more. I really didn’t go Apple fan boy crazy on this event, compared to the jaw opening reaction I had when I saw the new Microsoft Surface Studio!! What a way to step up the game. But the new interface, magnetic timeline 2, color science stuff, the integration of the touchbar, and the new Flow transition on the new Final Cut Pro (they got rid of the “X”) did make me happy. Really happy actually.

This is not me. Just a pic I borrowed from Apple.

It’s usually not recommended to update immediately, especially if you’re in between projects. Major updates like this could sometimes be a little wonky and buggy. But I did it anyways. Sure, I’ve experienced a couple of crashes here and there. Nothing that makes me worry. The timing to update was actually perfect because I was able to use some of the tools on a current project. So, I don’t feel bad.

Is It Really Pro?

I’ve been using FCPX since it first came out. I actually learned how to “professionally” edit video in film school using Final Cut Pro 7. Of course, when the upgrade happened, there was a very disappointed community. Users yelled and cried, “This is iMovie Pro!” They still do to this day.

A popular final cut meme
A popular final cut pro x meme. lol.

I would say, this version right here should of been the upgrade to expect at that time. But the Swift code, Metal Engine, or iOS to OS X ecosystem  wasn’t fully developed or existed either. So, it didn’t happen. Some people converted to Adobe. Others stayed behind hoping it was just a joke, expecting something better in a couple of months.

Like anything that starts from the ground up – growth must happen organically with the nurture and care of a community. Well, look at it now.

So, to answer your question, is it pro? Yes, it is. But if you’re not a professional yourself or an avid user of the program, it will be completely useless to you.

I don’t usually argue gear or programs. I just stick to what works for me and what I could afford. I don’t picture myself converting to anything else unless Apple decides to completely drop this program. Then again, this all depends on your career path. Do you want to tell stories independently or work on a news station or studio? Then, cater to your long term goals.

If you’re interested in learning more details as to what’s new. Click here or watch this crazy edit that will fill you in two minutes.

Don’t forget that the pro apps like Motion and Compressor did get some love to. Logic Pro X? Not on this round. But you know Apple will be getting rid of that X soon.

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