Finally 30 – Last Vlog

I noticed my passion for video blogging was dying out. I stopped caring and it became more of a burden than fun. Don’t get me wrong. Video blogging is fun. It’s probably the most organic way to reach an audience. The people following wanted more. But I just wasn’t giving it to them because I started second-guessing it. Did I really want to do this?

I decided to take break to honestly ask myself what I really wanted to do with this. I’m not completely done with video. I’ll come back here and there. I once said I was done with blogging too, and here you are reading a blog post. Writing and Video Journaling is simply a tool for me and not a lifestyle. It will fluctuate, but not promise you a scheduled feed.

My goal is to entertain you. But I have to do it right. Give me a break and I’ll come back stronger and more focused.