Writing has become a big deal to me. In fact, I want to commit to it. Everyday if possible — and it is. So far, I’ve seen myself posting every other day. And It’s been solacing. 

I have a hundred of excuses why not to write; with another dozen with detailed limitations that will cause me to write poorly and ineffectively in my mind. But it’s been the act and practice of writing that has allowed me to overcome them. Word by word. Post by post. Day by day.

The secret formula has been convincing, threatening, and retaliating myself to just Finish.

Seth Godin says Ship It. The Creator of Desk says Hit Publish. I say this year, Finish.

It’s the only way to get things done and overcome the resistance; and the lies.

I’ve been victimized for too many years by disbelief, inferiority, apathy, lethargy, passivity, and getting-things-started-and-never-ever-getting-them-done.

Not anymore. And it’s not because it’s a new year. But because it’s a new day for new habits, intentions, and thinking. Before you know it, New Year has met a pretty girl named Summer. But it never stops being a new day.

So, today, tomorrow, this month, and the following days I want to finish and write like I never have before. It’s really simple, when you just focus on the essentials in life.

But remember, simple is not easy.

[This is part of The Essentials series]

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