Looking Foolish

You realized becoming that thing you want to be is harder than what you think. Because becoming it is a process and in that process there’s tons of vulnerabilities. This means exposing yourself.  And some are not comfortable with that considering that this also means feeling and looking foolish.

It takes a lot courage to look foolish in front of the world — your personal world. Like your friends, parents, and close peers. But we have to accept the idea that looking foolish is the by product of reinventing yourself.

A reinvention strategy is your action to breaking the status quo in your life. Things like improving your mindset, education, look, style, and environment are required. And this shocks people and don’t be surprised —  the praise for it is very faint.

Get ready to welcome (and even embrace) mistakes, bad work, criticism,  silence, and tons of moments of doubts.

The process is not easy. This is you working behind the scenes, fighting your fears, and redefining the idea of who [your name] is.

Reinventing yourself is not selfish at all. But this all depends on your motive.

What makes the greatest great? My opinion, they’re not afraid of looking foolish over and over again.

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