Plan For Growth

The Essentials Series has come to an end. And if I can sum everything up in to one paragraph it will be:

Choose one word that will drive you this year. One word that will be the very theme of your life that will force you to be more human. More complete. Look at the seven parts of your life. Career, Family, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Financial. They all need your undivided attention. If you can give them one thing, what will it be? How will you get there?

And thats it. No questionnaires, fill in the blanks, or long list of goals. I encourage you to write about it. Take a long week and focus on each category in writing. Tie in a personal story. If you do this, like seriously do it, the process will bring a mess thoughts. Doubts and confusion maybe? Perhaps, encouragement. Prune them out. Expose yourself to the truth. And make a solid commitments become a better you.

Last but not least, we need a plan. A continuous ritual that will get us to the place we want to be or to the person we want to become. It’s possible.

  • Be specific
  • Be measurable
  • Have a time limit
  • Be yourself!
  • Put it in writing (express it)
  • Tell your friends (have them hold you accountable)
  • Have fun!

I said it once, and I’ll say it again. Life is too short, so have fun. Of course, a personal system has it sacrifices and encounters of pain. But, both you and I know it’s a funny-bone hit pain.

[This is part of The Essentials Series]

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