Hello To Vlog

Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear – MICHAEL HYATT

I’m keeping my word. I’m staying away from blogging. But I never said I won’t ever try VLOGGING. Wink wink.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. It just so happens that January 1, 2016 seemed like a great day to start.  I have mixed feelings about it. I got the bug and I’m full emotion to try this everyday. But I’m holding my horses and sticking to the plan — once a week. 

I do want to try a 10 Day Vlog Challenge though, sometime next week or two with local creative peeps. It’s a great way to beef up the Youtube channel and push hard on the brand. Maybe a great time for collabs. Let’s see.

So, I just finished editing and uploading VLOG 001. How do I feel? Nervous, afraid, and happy. Nervous and afraid because I don’t know what friends will think? What about my parents? Do I look and sound silly or the contrary? Do I sound like I’ve done this before? Am I interesting? These questions will kill me if I keep meditating on them. But I won’t. I’m happy I was able to share my story, my intentions, my journey, and my voice — with the worst camera angle. 

So what is this all about?

As always, it’s my personal life. My journey of being a dad, husband, filmmaker, and musician.

Rant heading your way.

Darn it, I want to get things done! and that’s my biggest rant for 2016.  Can you push me and can I push you to grow!? Can I finally bring you the entertainment I’ve been wanting to bring you.  There’s a big shell I want to break and I believe showcasing myself in this form will help. I almost did not do it today, but I did. I grabbed the camera just shot it!

End Rant.

So, I edited and hit publish. And guess what? I’m feeling an adrenaline right now I haven’t felt for a while. It feels good.

What do I plan to use?
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • Canon 7D
  • Rode Mic
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Canva.com  or Photoshop for Graphics
  • My own music and stock free sound fx (inside FCPX)
  • Two small (and cheap) LED lights and House Lights.
  • Vlogging Spreadsheet and iPhone Notes

I don’t want to be technical about it. Because I know I could. I want to this to be as raw and simple as possible. Please, scream at me if it starts looking like a movie. If so, then I’m setting myself up for failure.

Note: You can do this too with a less expensive gadgets. iPhone, iMovie, house lights, and paper. Go!

Really. What Do I Want Out Of This?
  • A Stronger Personal Brand
  • To Talk and Communicate without Insecurities.
  • To Join, Create, And Inspire a Community of Creative People.

This is not reality tv. This not me giving up my privacy. I will never do that. It’s just me telling a personal story.

Share with me what you think. How can I improve?

Don’t have much to say? Then subscribe.  Let’s see where this takes us.


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