Here We Go Again

Let me try this again. The who video blogging stuff. I know I said once in a post, Finally 30, that I would stop. And I did. I actually took a 5 month break to keep my focus on the new business and craft. Now, I want to give it another try. Here we go, again.

Vlogging is not impossible. It does require some talent, video skill, and time. And well, for a person who is terrible at multi tasking — it was just the right thing to do when everything was coming at me five months ago.

This time, I’m back at it but in the most simplest form. At the comfort of my desk.

It’s challenging. I don’t have all the flashy extra videos (b-roll) to carry on the story. Most of it will rely on my delivery, expressions, and magic of video editing. What a great way to develop my communication and comedic skills!

I will depend mostly on the audience’s feedback to get better. Even if it’s 5 or 10 people watching. Every pair of eyes and ears matter. I’m serious. I can’t get better with out you.

Let me ask you something. What do you like? Do you have any ideas that can work form? Who are your favorite video comedy vloggers or YouTubers who do the same? Off the bat, Wheezy Waiter is one of my favs. Go check him out.

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