Hurricane Irma Almost Destroyed US

It left me powerless for three days and homeless for two.

I refuged to my parents place only because they had more food than me.

Sleepless and sweaty nights are all I can remember. The floods, fallen trees, and roofless homes are fixable. But post-hurricane, which tend to be windless and humid, are the worst and most traumatizing.

Some have it worst. ย A few peeps I know ย are going through their sixth day with out light and AC. I thought I had it bad. Thank god for Facebook, it’s the only medium where they get to share their pain and bad jokes. I pray for a quick recovery.

On the bright side, this has brought families and the community together. Miami is a strong city. I admire every individual who has gone through the storm like a champ.

For those who cowardly (and wisely) left the state. It’s ok. You did what felt right. Come back home and experience a whole new transformed city.

Who am I kidding! I dropped my wife to work yesterday and got cussed at by some lady for taking too long in putting my kids seat belt on. She gave me the good ol’ย Eff You.ย We exchanged some words and I wished her the worst day of her life. Bless her heart.

We’re almost back to “normal” operations. No lie, all jokes aside, this was a forced reset to my life and business. Look at me! I finally wrote a blog post after such a long time. Thanks Irma.