I Just Don’t Know

I want to be honest here. Keeping up with blogging is tough. It takes a lot passion and discipline. If it wasn’t for the feeling that writing offers, I would of given up on it long time ago. This is why I blog, each time I write I get to see my thoughts in physical form. I’m amazed by that simple fact. But here’s my frustration: Where do I want to take this blog? How will it grow in readership? How will it evolve? This is the part where I’m going to be honest — I don’t know.

All I know is that it will stay and remain personal. Gone are the days where this will become a home for industry stuff or another motivation site. There’s so many of those. It’s not sexy to me any more. What there’s not many of is … me.

I do think by this blog being personal is the¬†key to what I have planned for my movie and music ventures. I mean I can’t get any more “personal branding” than being straight up personal.

With each personal story I tell, my goal is to simply inspire and entertain. Can I do that? We’ll see. There’s no agenda to intentionally do that. I’ll just be me and continue to share whatever personal experiences come my way or to thought. In other words, I don’t want to this to be forced. I want it to be natural.

So, I guess, I do know where I’m going with the blog. In a way. Truthfully, it’s not that clear. But we’re getting there.


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