I Suck

This post is not original. Tons of people have said it. But, I want to say it too. I suck.

It’s not a product of low self-esteem or humility. It’s reality. I don’t think I’m a loser. The contrary, I think I’m a winner. My future looks very bright. But you know, as an artist, you have to be honest with yourself. What I offer is not even close to my taste. It will never be “good enough.” My work has a million of imperfections. I have the huge demand to get better and to hustle harder everyday. I feel it. The pressure  tortures me. When it hits me, I get picky, whiny, timid, prideful, and mix of all that put together in a blender. I beat myself up for it because I know do. And this is bad, but I want to get better. Then I learned something.

Admitting that I suck is not the real problem. The real issue is that I’m stuck.

I feared the possibility of failure, instead of taking the opportunities of success, rest, and ORDINARY life.

I vex myself because I’ve produced very little. Not as much as I want. I’m too harsh on myself considering that I lack discipline, time management, and more while trying to balance an overachiever spirit. There’s something wrong with that equation right there.  So before I continue with the rant that I suck at my art, I suck even more at the things that will make a better artist.

Failure is inevitable. There’s a lesson to be learned from it. We need to fail to succeed. Sure you suck, but work is being put to motion. Eventually, one will get better. But not when your being passive, stagnant, and apathetic about it. How bad do you want it? Accept your  weakness, embrace your strength, and to never fear failure again.  Get the ball rolling, and get on a plan. I’m beginning to.

There’s golden ticket to success. Being consistent is the way to the promise land.

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