I Want To Grow

I can selfishly say that I want to reach thousands of people who would comment, follow, like, and support my creative work. Whether it’s a blog post, video, or status update on social media. I want that engagement.

But it hasn’t happened, nor will it happen the end of this year, or the next. I’m not being negative. I’m being very real. Because I’m very very very self-aware of the following:

  • I’m not doing it right.
  • I’m a bit everywhere.
  • I’m not doing enough of what matters.
  • I’m doing too much of what doesn’t matter.

To all artists or content creators going through the same — You’re not alone.

I’ve been through ups and downs with projects (like this blog) – Where abandoning and picking it right up again was normal. Saying farewell and saying hi again. Trying one thing, leaving the other, regretting it and coming right back.

It sad to say this but all that inconsistency was just a reflection of what was happening in the inside.


I finally caught on to this vicious cycle. I’m catching it earlier and earlier as I grow older and wiser. I don’t know why my brain tumbles and fumbles this way. Is dyslexia the cause of this?

All I know is that I just want to be me. Don’t want to fake it or hype it. I want to tell stories. I want to share with you my creations. If you followed me this far. Then you’ve seen me fail, grow, and mature.

It’s not the fame that I’m after. It’s the influence. One thing I want to be is a man of influence. I hope I can do that.

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